X-Surveillance Police Shoulder Camera


X-Systems launched the new, unique, police shoulder body camera, the X-Surveillance DS300, which is a combination of a PTT-Handheld Speaker/Mic. with a high-end full-HD and night vision body camera.

Which can be located on the shoulder or chest of the police officer. Without the use of additional equipment.

With the X-Surveillance DS300 there is no need to place any new device on an already heavy uniform or shoulder. With the X-Surveillance DS300 police officer can now record the officer’s side of the event, without additional equipment.

Current PTT microphones are located at the perfect height for camera recordings. The X-Surveillance DS300 also replaces existing PTT Mic. without any hassle, easy to use with the already familiar talk button on one side and the record button on the other.

The X-Surveillance DS300 Shoulder Camera is an unique device. The X-Surveillance DS300 body camera is a specially designed, 4 in 1 device built for optimum modularity, security and safety.

  1. PTT Handheld Speaker / Microphone, including Two-Way Radio Connection
  2. HD & Nightvision Video Recorder, including pre-recording and GPS location
  3. HD & Nightvision Photo & Voice Recorder, to improve evidence when required
  4. Safety features, including Flashlight and Shock- and water resistant

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Design of X-Shoulder Cameras

The team of X-Surveillance, together with partners throughout the world, have designed the DS300 for over two years with the mission to develop a non-provocative, civilian-friendly body camera that can be used on the chest or on the shoulder of the police officer without the need to add additional equipment to the already busy equipped uniform of a police officer.

Due to good research, together with law enforcement professionals, the development team of X-Surveillance developed more features, such as; password-encrypted data storage, built-in LED flashlight, real-time GPS coordinates, and full-shift battery life. As additional to the most important “must-have” safety features; up-to 30 seconds pre-recording, instant automatic infrared recordings, and 1080p video-/ 16MP photo 32GB recordings.

Why X-Surveillance Shoulder Camera

With smartphones and cameras everywhere today, it’s becoming critical for Law Enforcement and police officers to have the ability to record their civilian encounters. We have all seen what happens when civilians record officers with their cell phone. Too often these recordings are started late and/or at a bad angle, and do not accurately represent what actually happened. The option of pre-recording gives the police body camera X-Surveillance DS300 the users the option to record what happened to an encounter, and provide an indisputable proof.

* Providing indisputable proof

* No more false accusations, misconduct, or abuse against officers

* Increasing transparency and accountability of officers

* Preventing confrontational situations by wearing a visible and civilian-friendly looking shoulder camera.

The X-Surveillance DS300 Shoulder Camera is the Body Camera solution for police officers!