WireCompare – Money Transfer Comparison


When you want to transfer some amount of money to other country, like to your friend or your business partner, what kind of service that you used? Did you use Bank service? If you did, you may spend too much money for their service cost. When you use Bank service, you will be charge around 5% to 6% of the amount of the money you are transferred. It looks small, but there is another service where you can get even cheaper fee. These services use peer-to-peer exchange technology that can save more time and money. Unfortunately, there are many of this kind of services that you can find today. Finding one that you can relied on, could become one of difficult task for you. However, there is solution, which is called WireCompare. This company will help you to get quotes from the best peer-to-peer money exchange service easily.

To get the quotes for the transfer or exchange service, you just need to use the online tool that you can find on WireCompare official website. The website is WireCopare.com. On the home page, they have already provided the tool that you need. This is actually good thing, because anyone that never have done it before, can easily use it. The tool is also not too technical. You just need to choose the currency that you are using at the location where you will send the money from. Then, choose the destination country or currency. After that, on the third column, you need to enter the amount of money that you want to transfer. Then, hit “Compare” button and you will get the quotes from several best peer-to-peer transfer service. This is definitely much easier, and you also don’t need to have technical knowledge to use it.

The other good thing about WireCompare is they work together with top companies in the industry. Therefore, the quotes that you can get from this service can be said as the best quotes you can find today.  And, you can easily compare those quotes to find the best one.

The good thing about using this service is you can save lot of money. The companies that work with WireCompare are using mid-market exchange rates. This kind of rates only charge tiny amount of money from your transfer. And, in some condition, you can do it for free. Therefore, if you compare it with transfer it directly from Bank, you can save quite amount of money with this service. WireCompare also has no hidden fees. Therefore, the amount of money that you see when you use this tool is the same with what you will get later.

WireCompare also provide another great tool that can help you. This tool will give you notification, if the exchange rates have dropped. You just need to use your email for this service, and WireCompare will send you information whenever there is this kind of condition. Overall, WireCompare isn’t only offering simple, easy and fast service. They provide useful tools to save more money. And all the companies listed are all well-rated by Google users.