Why You Should Hire a Financial Advisor


If you are going to succeed in business and attain full financial freedom, you are going to need extensive finical knowledge. This is not such a bad thing if you have a background in finance. For most entrepreneurs however, the world of finance is unchartered territory. Money is the foundation of any successful business. You could be the best in your industry but as long as you don’t have good knowledge of money, you are not going to get very far. Here are a few reasons why you need to hire a financial advisor.

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Stay On Top of Finances

One of the core tasks of a financial advisor is to look at your statements. This alone means that you never again look at a bank statement; you can rest assured that your finances are getting taken care of. This is of course ill advised, it is your money and you should know how much you have, how much you spend and so on. In short, a financial advisor does behind the scenes work to ensure that your statements are in order and you are in good standing with the tax man.

Set Financial Goals

A major reason why many entrepreneurs seem stuck in the same place for years on end is because they do not have financial goals. Without a financial goal, you won’t have a clear target to aim at. It is then no surprise when the turnover isn’t as expected. A financial advisor or business professional helps you to set realistic goals and suggests ways that you can achieve these goals.

Invaluable Expertise

When was the last time you brushed up on or even thought about P/E ratios, risk weighting, standard deviations, beta and gamma? The mere thought of some of these concepts is enough to drive an adult to tears. The good news is an investment professional has all this knowledge at his fingertips. He can explain your investment portfolio and complex theories in simple language that you can understand.

Reduce Waste and Risk

You are probably paying more tax that you have to but you wouldn’t know this without an accounting background. Your financial advisor can work with other experts such as CPA or estate attorney to come up with ways to cut down your taxes to the bare essentials. You could also potentially lose a big chunk of your earnings by taking unnecessary risks. An investment professional or financial advisor helps to cover any holes that might be draining your money.