Why Should you Invest in VAT Free Silver


While silver investment is growing in popularity, most precious metals enthusiasts will still opt for gold. Part of the reason is tax efficiency. While gold enjoys a VAT exemption in the UK, silver does not. However, research carefully and you’ll find some pioneering bullion dealers able to offer you VAT-free silver. With this now possible, enquiries for buying silver are on the rise.

Why else is the demand for silver skyrocketing?

It Has Many Uses

Investment in silver has gradually increased because unlike gold, it isn’t solely yearning for, it’s also used extensively in industry and commerce. It’s for this reason that demand for silver has risen appreciably. Savvy buyers realise that industrial demand for silver is increasing as technology progresses and demands more electronic components. Long ago it took 2 ounces of silver to buy 1 ounce of gold. Nowadays, you need 60 ounces to buy 1 ounce of gold.

Inevitable Shortage

Rather than just being a safe haven investment, silver can also thrive when economies pick up, as demand for electronic goods increases, all of which need silver components.  A large number of people who look into buying gold, end up investing in silver for this very reason. What I like about silver is that it takes only a small price change to create a huge percent increase.

In conclusion, silver is more speculative than gold but with greater upside potential. Above all, both products provide a great balance within your portfolio.

VAT Free Silver

When you buy physical silver as an investment, unlike physical gold you have to pay VAT. Even so, the demand for this luxury metal has risen dramatically. As a result, the price has increased almost up to 69%. But, are you aware that you can capitalise on this buying opportunity while avoiding paying VAT?

Here is the Deal

Physical Gold has come up with a vat free silver product that will allow investors to capitalise on the current buying opportunity. You can make a huge return on silver just like the ones you can make on gold. In my opinion, I would suggest if you are a novice and would like to venture into precious metals, take necessary precautions.

However, you can get guidance on what product you can buy and sell to maximize your returns with the help of Physical Gold. They are out to help you select the most logical products.