Why Personal Accident Insurance Policy is a must thing


Personal accident insurance policy is a must for almost everyone these days as accident cases are multiplying at a rapid pace. These plans and policies are meant to cover all your expenses right from medical bills to the other charges that will incur in the near future.

In case, any death case is reported then family gets complete claim and cover so that their future is secured and in case, if any permanent disability is reported in an accident, then also everything right from the day accident happened till the time your medication and treatment will continue in the future shall be borne by the insurance company under personal accident insurance policy.

There are no hassles in buying a good Personal Accident Insurance Policy online as you search about various companies that are catering such plans and policies; browse through their official websites; go through policies that matches your need; shortlist important ones; compare them and buy the best one immediately.

Here are some of the reasons that why you must opt for a personal accident insurance policy:

  • Fully Fledged Security: Comprehensive accidental coverage is provided to you so that you are safe from all the angles.
  • Accidental costs: Whatever costs will occur at the time of accident (both disability and death cases included) shall be borne by the company. Costs incurring on the medicines, hospitalization, personal belonging loss/damage, future medical bills and treatment, daily necessary tests etc are included under the policy.
  • Extensive Coverage: Personal accident policy saves you from all your financial troubles that can arise due to major or minor accidents leading to permanent or temporary disabilities. If you have a right insurance policy, then you can get treatment done using cashless transaction facility with the associated hospitals and branches.
  • Premium Amount: The premium charged is always as per your sum insured. You can check premium value through online calculators available on the websites. It must be made sure that premium value should never be too less or too high. It must be perfectly balanced and within your budget.

Which personal accident insurance policy you must choose?

There are two major types of insurance policies available for you, Standalone and Rider. It totally depends on you and your needs that which policy you want to go for.

  • Standalone Insurance Policy: This policy covers all your accidental expenses and financial crises. Cases that fall under this insurance plan includes:
  • Death
  • Permanent Disability
  • Temporary Disability
  • Minor scratches, cuts, fractures and other physical injuries.
  • Ride Insurance Policy: This is basically a combination of Life insurance plan and health insurance plan so it takes into consideration a little higher premium value than a standalone insurance policy. It also ensures that apart from the health, other claims are kept in check such as third party claim and coverage.

Under both the policies, rider enjoys all the benefits till the end of the policy and after expiration of same, it need to be renewed immediately to continue benefits, coverage and services.