Why Compare Before You Buy?


Car insurance is a necessary evil of modern life. Whenever you plan to get a good car insurance deal for yourself, you must understand that what exactly you’re getting into. You should not just compare car insurance plans available in the market, but you even need to consider some factors which can help in getting an affordable and lucrative deal. Firstly, what exactly determines an auto insurance?

What Determines your Car Insurance?

City Of Registration

Your premium is determined on the basis of the city where you registered your car. As the incidents of theft and accidents are high in metropolitan cities, the premium is relatively high.

Make & Model

The make and model of your car, as well as potential risk factors, also play a vital role in determining your premium. For example, some make and models fare better in a mishap than others hence, the damages to the car would be less severe.

No Claim Bonus Percentage

Your car insurance premium will always be less if you haven’t made any claims in previous years. The no-claim bonus percentage plays a major role in minimizing your premium amount. So think twice before scurrying to your insurer for a tiny scratch or dent.

Type of Cover Taken

If you have a lot of add-ons in your insurance policy such as cover for CNG/LPG kits, key replacement costs, road-side assistance etc. it will increase your premium amount.

Expert Tips For Cutting Your Car Insurance Costs

You Lose If you Snooze

Never forget to renew your motor insurance before it’s due. Steer clear of the inconveniences such as vehicle inspection as well a potential increase in premium cost.

Don’t Claim Small Stuffs

Making small claims over dents and scratches will make you lose the chance of receiving no claim bonus on your next year insurance premium amount.

The Internet’s Your Best Bet

Buying car insurance online will save you a lot of bucks that go in the processing and distribution costs and if you compare car insurance you may end up getting some nice discounts online.

Compare Car Insurance – It’s Beneficial

While everyone is busy shopping for car insurance coverage offline, there are a few smart people who grab the opportunity to buy car insurance online. When you apply for it, you are able to get your hands on several details and deals that can cut down the overall price of the policy for you. You can easily cross check the policy’s background and the rates being offered by other companies. Another positive aspect of going online is that there is no middle agent and so you can eliminate the entire cost of hiring an agent.

Pay attention to the quotes being offered by different insurance providers when going for car insurance policy comparison. It is crucial to compare the rates offered by various companies so that you are able to get advantages in addition to the policy. So, act smart while purchasing an auto insurance policy for your dream vehicle.