What You Need to Know About IronFX


IronFX is a reliable forex broker founded in 2010. They may seem fairly new to the broker scene but they were launched by a company that was established back in 1972. In addition to offering excellent customer service and a whole slew of benefits, they also offer trading via telephone, so those without internet access can still trade with them. However, it is important to note before we get started that they do not currently accept new customers from the United States.

About The Accounts They Offer

IronFX offers a whopping nine different options for accounts from which traders can choose. Each account is designed to cater to a certain need and experience level. The standard accounts include Micro, Premium, and VIP accounts; these accounts vary mostly on how much you’re looking to deposit with which to trade. However, they also offer an Absolute Zero Account that is available in EUR and USD, offering spreads from zero pips. Other accounts available include the following:

  • STP/ECN Account
  • Zero Fixed Spreads Account
  • Mirror Account
  • Absolute Zero Plus Account
  • Demo Account

There’s an option for everyone, an account for every budget and level of experience.

About The Benefits They Offer

By far, the best benefit IronFX has to offer is that of their options and platforms. They offer many accounts and options for everyone, including the option to trade by phone. IronFX is the ideal broker firm for both seasoned traders and beginners. In fact, FTE.net rates IronFX great for beginners. They also offer Stop Loss, so your trades can close automatically without you having to monitor it or remain online. Their platforms are easy to use, their services are reliable, and they offer great services for both beginners and seasoned traders; you can’t go wrong.

About Their Legitimacy

IronFX may seem like a relatively young company, but they were created by a well-established, large, and lucrative broker firm that was founded back in 1972. They are licensed and regulated, offer one of the most reliable and easy to use platforms available, and even offer trading options via telephone so you can have access to it no matter what. This company is one of the most diverse and widely accessible broker firms available.

IronFX is a great forex trading broker that offers a user-friendly platform, excellent customer service, and some amazing benefits for both beginner traders and seasoned traders. They even offer the ability to make trades over the phone, so you don’t even have to have internet access. They offer Stop Loss services, as well, allowing you to schedule the cap at which your trades can stop automatically without you even needing internet access. They offer both mobile accessibilities and the most reliable platform available.