What to Look for in a Bristol Letting Agent


If you have a property that you want to let out, then you will probably me more than aware of just how difficult it can be if you are doing everything yourself. You will need to deal with the tenants. This means dealing with any issues with payment, finding the actual tenants, and dealing with problems that they have with the property. Basically, it is going to be a whole lot of work. This is why many people will look for a Bristol letting agent that can help them. On this page, we are going to help you to find the perfect Bristol letting agent for your property.

Firstly, think about the type of letting agent that you want. Broadly speaking, they can be split into two distinct categories. You have residential letting agents and commercial letting agents. Some may cover both. If a company has never dealt with commercial letting before, then you will probably not want to put your commercial property in their hands as they will not know how to deal with it in order to give you maximum value for money.

When you are searching for a Bristol letting agent, it is also important that you read through as many online reviews as possible to ensure that you are choosing the best company for the job. A letting agent very much relies on their reputation. If they have a plethora of negative reviews from both landlords and tenants, then you are probably not going to want to deal with them.

You are going to want to ask as many questions as possible about the type of service that they will provide you with. Make sure you ask about the following:

  • What the fees for the letting agency are. Yes, the fees are going to be higher than if you carried out the job yourself, which can eat into the profits that your property generates, but you will be saving yourself a whole lot of aggravation in the long run. This makes a service like this worth it.
  • How the letting agency will find tenants for your property. You will want to ensure that the property is filled up as quickly as possible so you can make some money. You will want to also ensure that the right tenants are placed into the property. You do not want a tenant that is not going to pay their bills.
  • How the letting agency will deal with non-paying tenants or long periods of property vacancy. Are they going to reimburse you for this? The best letting agencies will!
  • Whether you have a long-term contract with the letting agency or not. There are some letting agencies which will rope you into exceedingly long term contracts. This is not ideal if the letting agency is not all they are cracked up to be. You need some way out of that contract.
  • How the letting agency will deal with repairs to the property. Will they get in touch with you? Will they get it repaired without asking etc.