What is Project Management?


Today, all organizations are carrying out work that has a concrete duration, one month, one year, two years, … which are considered projects and are often implemented as a means to implement a broader strategic plan.

The difference between operations and projects is that the former are continuous and repetitive actions, whereas the projects consist of a limited action in time, with a result of a single production or service and a progressive elaboration thereof. To the extent that the execution of the different projects is successful, the company’s final strategy will be successful. PMI offers CAPM certification for entry-level project management professions and professionals who enroll in a CAPM training will be able to sit for CAPM certification training.

And for these tasks is responsible for qualified technicians but without specific training in Project Management. In fact, the profile of Project Manager appears as a strategic profile in the growth of large companies from all sectors for their training, versatility, management capacity and work on projects with budgets and tight deadlines.

If you are interested in a project management position, you must be very well prepared for the interview and must be aware of project manager interview questions.

Project Management is a tool of great practical application in the current company environment in which the only constant is the change, as a means of non-recurring activity, and the importance of identifying well the needs of the client and managing well the products and services Which we supply.

Projects produce unique products or end results. Projects must be completed in a limited time with a limited budget with the customer requirements. If you want to be a good project manager, you must be following a good project management blog like masterofproject.com as well.