What Is Estate Planning And Why Should You Care?

Investment risk and uncertainty in the real estate housing market

Every single person that wants to accumulate and then conserve wealth will think about distributing wealth gained to charities, friends and family so that tax goals can be met. Estate planning is something that should be taken into account in so many situations. This is basically managing property before the death and after the death of the owner. There are specialists like Forbes Law Office that can handle the real estate properties after the death of the client so that the exact wishes of the individual will be respected.

Deciding What Happens With Wealth

The biggest possible advantage associated with estate planning is that you can decide exactly what will happen with your wealth and when it will happen. Good estate planning offers a clear systematic method that will uncover the potential problems and will find solutions in various life areas like liquidity, proper assets distribution, adequate retirement income adjustments, investments diversification and excessive transfer cost avoidance.

To put it as simple as possible, estate planning is going to help you to accumulate wealth but the real reason why people look for lawyers specialized in such a domain of activity is that it is easy to decide exactly what happens with the accumulated wealth after the individual died. Generally speaking, most people from around the world will gain benefits from estate planning. It is more important for some as opposed to others but it is something that should be considered.

The Will Is Not Enough

Most people believe that having a will is the only thing that is needed. This is not actually the case. In all the examples mentioned below a will is not actually enough for you:

  • The estate will exceed the equivalent of unified credit exemption. Federal estates, skipping exemptions generation and gifts that are over $5.4 million will need to be covered by estate planning since the will is not going to be enough.
  • The state and federal tax for income will exceed 15%.
  • The individual has:
    • Minor children
    • Dependents that have their very own wealth
    • Dependents that have handicaps and cannot deal with themselves
    • Spouse that will not or cannot handle securities, business or money in general
    • Property available in many states
    • Concerns about asset protection
    • Desires to donate to charity out of the wealth that is gained during life
  • The individual is a nonresident alien, an alien or a resident alien that wants to relocate to America, wants to be an expatriate or there are interests in various foreign countries with the main purpose of making money.

Estate Planning Professionals

In order to make the most of the possibilities available for those looking for estate planning, hiring specialists is what works great. You want to be sure you find an attorney that is really good and that is going to take care of absolutely every wealth distribution you may desire after you die. The experience that the lawyer has is definitely the most important thing you have to take into account when you make the final decision.