What is a hard money loan

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Good deals present themselves from time to time and there are often many interested parties. Investors who need to act fast and take advantage of great deals often rely on short-term financing sources.

Many investors look for alternative funding that doesn’t involve conventional lenders like banks and finance companies. If you are a real estate investor you need to have access to funds for your investment needs. When you come across a lucrative opportunity you need to act fast and close the deal before your competition does. That’s where hard money loan can help.

Veteran real estate investors have a good understanding of hard money loans and the benefits, but less experienced investment professionals need to educate themselves on this alternative funding so they can make a smart decision for their investment project.

There are many sources of hard money loans out there, offering to help real estate investors get the funding they need to purchase their investment properties and make a profit. Before applying for a hard money loan, you ought to know the main advantages of using this type of loan for investment purposes.

What Is A hard money loan?

Hard money loan is a loan from private individuals and companies, as opposed to banks and finance companies. It is an asset-based loan, meaning that it requires collateral. In case the borrower fails to repay the loan the lender can repossess the collateral. Hard money loans are much easier to obtain than regular bank loans, but they are expensive. Many real estate investors use hard money loan when they cannot obtain a loan from a bank.

Benefits of a Hard Money Loan

Here are some reasons a real estate professional may get a hard money loan:

Quick Approval And Funding

Since you’re dealing with a private individual, or a small company, there are not many requirements to meet. Hard money lenders do not care about your credit history or income history.

Since the property is used to secure the loan, hard money lenders are only interested in the value of the property. Depending on the lender you’re dealing with, you could get the fund in just a few days. It could take several weeks or even months to obtain a more traditional loan.

Get Access To More Money

With a traditional loan, you’re required to put down a certain percent of the property cost. When dealing with a hard money lender, you may be able to get a loan without a down payment. And, you would only be required to pay the origination fee and the monthly interest.

Establish Relationship

Just as you can build a relationship with a traditional lending institution such as a bank, you can build a relationship with a hard money loan provider. If you have an established history of complying with the terms of the loan and making your loan payments in a timely manner, the hard money lender will likely want to deal with you in the future.

Find Reputable Hard Money Lenders

The best real estate investment deals are often captured by real estate investors who are prepared. The benefits of having access to hard money loan are real, but fees and terms can vary, so it’s crucial to learn more about hard money lending and how it works and how to go about finding the right lender for your project.

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