What are the Limitations that Financial Advisors Got in their Business


While most of the people keep looking for some experts to suggest them with the do’s and not to do’s with their money in various turns of their life, they hardly know the difference between a financial advisor and an investment advisor. And one common attitude seen in most of these people’s life is to do away with this careless mistake. While you’re entrusting your hard earned money in the hand of an individual it is earnestly important for you to know whom to deploy for taking the crucial financial decisions on your behalf.

ASC Financial is one such financial advising firm that provides their clients with some of the efficient advisors like Andrew Corbman who can plan the entire financial career. In fact some of their experts make it clear between the investment advisors and financial advisors so that their clients can hire them wisely and get the best result of their investments.

A financial advisor is simply one who buys and sells securities on behalf of their clients. It seems to be very simple, but might be not that easy indeed. Mostly people tend to hire these financial advisors when they meet their retirement years, and get their pensions plans programmed. From offering stocks, bonds, mutual funds to assisting them with some wealth distribution plans at the end of their life, these financial advisors provide all the services that their clients claim. In order to do so, knowledge is must and these people have the complete review of the market before advising their clients. Financial market is one such field that never keeps constant and the daily ups and downs in the market needs to be followed with close notice in order to help people make the best decision of their life. These financial advisors even go on to attain other certifications which enhance their credibility in the industry and in their case; the learning is an ongoing process.

On the other hand, the investment advisors almost share the same portfolio with the financial advisors but there’s just one difference in between the two. Termed as the fiduciary, this actually means a lot to those who actually seek the help of these investment advisors. Primarily, the investment advisors need to be registered by the Government. Although at times, the financial advisors push their portfolio to serve as the investment advisors to gain some extra commission, the investment advisors are held at much higher standards. Being the fiduciaries, they are required to place the interest of their clients much before their own interests or the interest of any brokerage firm. The difference between the financial advisors and the investment advisors can be ascertained when they disclose their fees. For the financial advisors earning the commissions depend on the rate of the products that they sale. Again, being the fiduciary, these investment advisors can easily do away with the conflicts by charging according to the work completed and not on the sales of the products.

While it comes to protecting the wealth or the future of an individual the decisions must be taken carefully and ASC Financial provides such expert financial advisors like Andrew Corbman who can help with taking the decision keeping the current market trends in mind. So while it’s about protecting the future, it must be made sure that the investment is done in the safest hands.