Ways to Save Money on Clothing


Photo by Lux Storm, CC0 1.0 

Every family has to purchase clothing each year, and it takes up a portion of your budget. If you have children, chances are you will be purchasing clothes more frequently. You want to make sure you are spending the least amount of money possible while getting the best quality of clothing. Here are some ways to cut down that line on the budget.

  1. Buy Versatile Pieces: While that skirt might be beautiful, it is far from practical if it only matches one of the shirts you own. Each piece of clothing should match things in your closet. Multiple outfits should be able to come out of that item, otherwise it isn’t worth the investment.
  2. Shop Out of Season: At the end of each season, you can find amazing deals. This is a great way to increase your wardrobe without breaking the budget. For children, you may have to estimate the size they will be in that following year. Take inventory of what you have and want you will need. Then scope the stores and clearance racks to fill in the gaps.
  • Winter coats and boots go on mega sale during the months of February and March.
  1. Consignment Shopping: Check your local area for consignment sales. It is easy to find at least two a year, typically around spring and fall. This is a great way to get good quality clothing on the cheap side, plus it helps other parents!
  • There are some fabulous online consignment clothing You can find great deals on these, and the shipping tends to be fairly minimal. Consignment stores can save you easily 50% on your clothing.
  1. Avoid the Trends: The most important things to invest in are timeless items that will work regardless of the current trend. Fashion cycles change quickly; trying to keep up with all of the trends can cost you thousands. Instead, opt to buy just one or two pieces that are trendy to avoid spending too much money.
  2. Shop the Sales and Coupons: Watch your favorite stores for sales. Often times, you can find flash sales that can be paired with coupon codes for an even deeper savings. However, this is an easy way to overspend on items that aren’t necessary. Make sure you have a list of items you are on the lookout for and stick to it.
  3. Shop with Cash Only: The use of credit cards allows you to overspend and blow your budget. If you bring cash, you are unlike to spend more than you can afford. This can take some willpower; if you see an item you love, make a plan to save for the purchase rather than charge it.
  4. Care for Your Clothes Properly: If you take care of your clothing, they will last longer and requires less future purchases.
  • Pre-treat stains as quickly as possible. Keep a stain stick with you and soak shirts in borax that have sweat stains.
  • Read the clothing labels.
  • Washing on cold is gentler on clothing. It also helps prevent your clothing from shrinking.
  • Wash like colors together to prevent bleeding.
  • Avoid drying on high; it can damage the fabric.
  1. Sell Old Clothing: If you don’t wear it, then get rid of it. It makes more space available in your closet, as well as reducing the final total per year that is spent on clothing. You won’t get the full amount you spent on the items, but you will get a percentage.
  • Consider letting an online consignment clothing store list your items.

There are so many ways to reducing how much money to spend on clothing per year. Watch the sales and shop out of season for maximum savings. Consignment sales can give you deep discounts, and always take care of the clothing you already own. Happy shopping!