Ways to Make Easy Money From Home


Who doesn’t revel in the idea of being their own boss, but there’s hundreds of reasons to step away from the conventional 9-5. Many niche businesses and pop up ideas have started at home, so why can’t you give it a shot. Here’s a few ideas to run your empire from home, or just make a little extra on the side,


Although it may seem too good to be true, there’s plenty of sites out there that offer opportunities to make good money, and earn store vouchers just by doing surveys. You can earn upto an easy £300 a month just by filling in a few surveys and answering consumer questions. Simple!


You don’t need to fly out to Sin City to win big these days, with sites like Paddy Power Online Slots, it’s easy to earn big money from the comfort of your own home. The site even offers free bets to new customers, so not only do you not need to leave home, you can even win money, for free!


If you know how to play the game right, you can win an endless collection of prizes, cash and even holidays. Brands and Companies will often do giveaways that initially may seem too good to believe, but can genuinely and legitimately be won. As most competitions are always free and take little effort to sign up to, there’s very few reasons not to take advantage!

Use Your Space Wisely

Got spare space at home that’s simply going to waste? Take full advantage and rent it out! Sites like Air BnB give temporary accommodation to tourists and travelers through a secure system, or if you’re looking for something a little more long term, speak to an estate agent about leasing a room to a tenant for a fixed contract.

Sell Your Wares

Writing music, books or poems in your spare time? Use platforms to sell art, merchandise or audio to fans worldwide all from your own home. Sites like Band Camp or Etsy make for a great platform to set up a store and connect directly with your fans, no matter what the medium.


Great bloggers can get paid good money for partnering with brands, whether it be in the form of advertising or content such as reviews, features and giveaways. Be sure to make your site unique, impressive and professional and you’ll reap the rewards in no time!

Rent Out a Parking Space

Got an empty space sat wasting away in front of your home? Rent it out to commuters or even sports fans close to big events. Parking spaces for train stations and airports are usually extortionate, so if you live close, rent out your space for a fee, and make good money without having to do anything!