UX Designer Jobs are Currently in High Demand


The tech sector in the UK is booming. Salaries, opportunities for advancement, and an array of open job listings point to technology as being the sector to target when looking for a job. For example, one of the top tech jobs is that of UX designer – a job that usually commands a salary of around £50,000 per year. The UX designer constructs the user interface for software products or apps. People who work in the job are responsible for what people see when they use an app.

Compelling Experiences for the Computer or Mobile User

As mobile and web development continue to evolve, and the lines between technology and design continue to blur, UX designers will continue to be in robust demand. This is because a UX designer creates compelling, if not satisfying, user experiences, frequently drawing on the outcome of workflow analyses and user research.

Areas of Concentration

Usually, UX designers need to possess technical, creative, and problem-solving abilities and skills. The role may involve computer science, a bit of psychology, and storytelling as well. Areas of concentration include controls, visual design and development, content, information architecture, branding, user research, and customer or technical support.

UX Designer Responsibilities

When looking for UX jobs in your area, you will find job descriptions that basically emphasise the following responsibilities:

  • Consultations with clients to understand their goals and go over research results
  • Performance of usability testing
  • Creation of storyboards, wireframes, screen flows, and sitemaps
  • Creation of product prototypes
  • Development of usage scenarios and personas
  • Analysis of user activity and feedback, including iteration to enhance user experiences
  • Assistance with the development of content
  • Performance of customer and competitor analyses

Do You Have a Solid Understanding of Graphic Design?

A UX designer must have a solid understanding of graphic design and web technologies. He or she must also be familiar with wireframing tools. A good grasp of design tools and programmes is necessary too. Therefore, he or she must have an understanding of such aids as Photoshop, Fireworks, InVision, or Illustrator.

Professional Collaboration

Needless to say, a UX designer must also be able to quickly adapt to changes in technology, as well as be willing to keep his or her knowledge and skills up-to-date. UX designers often work with such professionals as graphic designers, web developers, or UI designers in their daily roles and routines.

Are You Good at Time Management?

As a result, a UX designer is expected to be self-directed yet collaborative. He or she must possess time-management, process-management, and communication skills. Among his or her soft skills, a UX designer must be well-versed in problem-solving and organisation. Creativeness and a detail orientation mind are also needed to do well.

Applying as a UX Designer

If you wish to apply as a UX designer, you need to have a bachelor’s degree in communications, visual design, psychology, or computer science. Normally, you will be expected to have previous design experience as well.

Why UX Design Jobs are in Demand

If you work as a UX designer then, you need to be as intuitive as you are technically skilled. Therefore, you need to understand a user’s functional needs, and emotions, to provide a creative and enjoyable website experience. Which is why this job is a top tech job in the UK.