Types of investments


Investments are a business term, it describes the situation in which people invest their money to purchase something or they give it to someone who will use it and give the commission. People are used to invest in many things such as stock shares, gold, diamonds, cash, bond and whatever thing has the power to make profit. There are many kinds of investments for people to know. Not all the investor would be good in investing all things. Some would have good knowledge about the upcoming future of gold and some would be good in investing in diamonds. There are also those people who invest in property. Investing money is not an easy task and has lot of risk if something goes wrong. A small change in the world can disturb the whole economical situation and people can lose a lot of money but if everything goes good, a person can make a good profit and can be rich in days. Article will describe the types of investment to help a person who wants to play this game.

Savings accounts

Saving accounts are the least risky way of investment. In this type people save their money in their saving accounts and in return they get profit without doing any physical thing. If you are thinking about why someone would give you money without reason so answer to that question is that bank would be using your money for different purposes and get profit, it would be only giving you a small amount of that profit. In this type, there is nothing for you to loss.

Term deposits

In many countries, term deposit also pays interest but the situation is not the same in all over the world. In those countries where it happens, process is almost same like saving account but the difference is that the deposit of the money would be for limited time. Some banks do not allow the client to withdraw any money before the limited time.


Government, council or a company issues bonds, people purchase them. Its terms and conditions are different and the rate of lose and profit depends on who is issuing them. the best thing about these bonds is that if we didn’t get any price money, we can sale them back in same amount in which we have had purchased them.


Purchasing shares is the riskiest type of investment. In this an investor purchase some share of the company and gets the profit as long as he keeps the shares for himself. The profit will stop coming to the original investor in case he sale it to someone else. The risk is that no one can predict how good the profit would be, how long the company will go on. Sometimes it also happens that the company broke down and the investor can lose the whole amount.

Alternatives investments

There are other investments too which do not fall in the category of cash, bond or shares. That type of investment is known as alternative investment. In this a person purchase things like gold, diamond, antiques, metals, and such things. These things keep increasing and diseasing their value in the world wide market. The best thing is that if by bad luck an investors purchase do loss its value, it would be for a limited time and the investor can hold the thing and wait for the value to increase again to sale it and get profit. Mostly people invest in gold internationally. ALTERNATIVE INVESTMENTS ONTARIO is the best place to learn more about alternative investment and these people would also help you in case you want to join this profession and become an investor.