Top things that you should never forget if you are sending your parcel abroad


Sending parcel abroad can be hassle filled if you are unaware with certain points. However, nowadays you don’t have to worry about your parcel as you are getting mind blowing services from courier companies. For that you need to pay some charges but it’s really affordable and reasonable. Besides that, there are some important points that you need to keep in your mind so you can avoid parcel hassles and troubles as well. For your help, here are some listed points that you can consider for better knowledge.

What you should know?

When it comes to parceling your parcel to another country, then there are so many things that play an important role.  You can avoid such things, for that it important to have better knowledge and information about the place and to courier companies by which you are going to send your parcel

  • Courier price change according to place and package weight

Many of you may be aware with the point that rate of courier can change according to the place where you are going to send or the total weight of your package.   For example, if you are going send your parcel to Spain then there are some chances that you are going to pay different parcel to Spain cost as compare to parceling in other countries.  It depends on the taxes and laws of that country which helps in deciding the price rate that you are going to pay.

  • Receiver address is mandatory

It’s important to mention receiver’s address or anything like email, contact number etc by which custom officers can contact with that person.  In many countries, its mandatory to have a contact number of receiver on the parcel otherwise there are some rules against that thing under which you need to pay penalty for releasing your courier.

  • Rules for domestic and international couriers is different

There are different rules on international and domestic shipping.  Also, there are huge differences between domestic and international courier prices as well. So, before you decide to ship your courier abroad make sure that you know about such points so you can avoid any kind of troubles. Also, in international courier you cannot ship some items like animal flesh, electronic items without permission, any kind of drugs, human body parts etc.  Avoid shipping such things if you don’t want to pay huge penalties or want to spend your life in jail.