Tips & Tricks For Passing The CFA Level 1 Test


If you’ve decided to pursue a CFA, you have probably already debated with yourself over CFA vs CPA, as well as researched career opportunities and the exam. Right? So you already know that the Level 1 test will be challenging. However, while some students may fail the exam, others do pass. Here are a few tips and tricks for passing the CFA Level 1 Test the first time:

Don’t Freak Out:

Your stack of CFA self-study materials is your friend, not some abominable monster. The more you stress over the exam, the less likely you are to do well. You should also remember to take breaks and do things that you enjoy- this will greatly help with reduce your stress level. Just because you have a big exam, does not mean that you should stop doing all of the things that make you happy. Remember, moderation is key, even when studying.

Study Smart:

The CFA has several major topics such as Ethics and other minor topics like Portfolio Management.  Your CFA self-study materials should reflect this fact and you should spend more time focusing on the things that carry more weight. For instance, Ethics is a major topic and you should be studying that on a daily basis, but you can probably get away with reviewing Portfolio Management every other day. Have a list of your major and minor topics and make sure to budget your time appropriately.

Get Help If You Need It:

While some people are very content with CFA self-study materials as a means for preparation, others may need more help. If you feel confused or unclear about major concepts, consider a CFA online course, which will help you review and prepare. A course is also a great way to get organized if you are having trouble making time to study.

The CFA is a difficult exam, but with dedication and preparation, it is completely doable. Be sure to contact Crush The Financial Analyst Exam before taking your test.