Tips to Capture Professional-Looking Business Videos Using Screen Recording


Screen recording provides businesses with a way to create various types of videos by recording footage from the screen of a particular device. Typically it is used to create how-to guides or demonstrations of digital products, but it can also be used to capture interviews or discussion panels via video calls.

Although it is generally easy to record video footage using screen recording, there are a few tips that you will need if you want to capture professional-looking videos:

  • Mind the resolution

In screen recording the resolution of the video is that of the frame that is being captured. It is important that it be as high as possible, and that it uses the right aspect ratio or it will end up stretched or have a ‘letterbox’ effect that won’t look professional.

  • Record at a high frame rate

The frame rate will impact how smooth your video looks. It is particularly important for screen recording videos where the viewer may have to follow any fast movement – such as the mouse cursor.

  • Decide what to do with the mouse cursor

Speaking of the mouse cursor, before you capture any business video you should decide what to do with it. If it isn’t required you should hide it so that it doesn’t interfere with the video. However if it is you may want to make it more visible by increasing its size or changing its color.

  • Keep the recording frame clean

Try to make sure that the recording frame appears ‘clean’, and does not contain any unnecessary clutter. For example if you’re recording the desktop you’ll want to clear unnecessary icons, and make sure the taskbar is similarly free of unwanted items.

  • Close unnecessary apps and background processes

As you can imagine closing unnecessary apps and background processes will help keep the recording frame clean in some cases, and will also help prevent unwanted notifications from popping-up in the middle of the recording. On top of that it will free up system resources so your computer performance is more likely to be good while recording.

  • Encode the video in the right settings

Just like any video it is important that you encode it in the right settings after you’re done recording. Ideally the format should be the one that you’re going to use it in (to prevent further transcoding), and the frame rate and resolution should match the recording parameters.

The tips above should help you to ensure that you’re able to capture videos that look much more professional using screen recording. It will require a good PC or Mac video recorder however – and for example you could use Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac.

Just remember that at the end of the day the business videos that you capture using screen recording will consist of anything that is on your screen. As such there are other areas you may want to look at as well, such as the theme, background, and so on. All of it will impact the look of your business video at the end of the day.