Tips on How to Achieve Your Dream House Before You Turn 40


Buying your dream house is indeed a dream come true for most people, if not all. Who doesn’t want to live in a nice house together with loved ones and family? However, this dream will not come into reality without taking any actions. If you want to achieve this before you reach the age of 40, then you better start evaluating your expenses and savings habits as early as now.

In this article, we will share with you some simple but relevant tips that could help you buy a house before you reach the big 40.

Analyse your expenses – first of all, you need to know where your money is going. That way, you will be able to identify items that are not important and eventually eliminate those to allow you to save more. It is important to list down everything from the big things like bills, rent, gas down to simple items like monthly gym memberships, subscriptions and others.

Find a stable job with good pay – after you analysed your expenses, you should know if your income is enough or not. If not, then you should start looking for other work with good pay that will accommodate not only your basic necessities but also your future plans.

Come up with a realistic budget plan – you should then create a weekly and budget plan. This technique will allow you to carefully plan your expenses including your weekly and monthly allowance. Sometimes, people tend to become careless about spending money especially few days after payday. Most people spend money without any direction or plan so they would always end up broke until the next paycheck arrives. That’s not healthy so make sure to come up with a realistic budget plan and stick with it.

Save specific percentage of your earnings – do not just save whatever amount is left after you pay the bills and buy whatever things you like because the tendency is that you will save very little or none. It is advisable to allot specific percentage of your income to go to your savings. For example, you decide to save 10% of your salary. Then make sure to take that amount first thing, before you pay whatever you need to pay.

Find extra source of income – lastly, finding another source of income will increase your savings to eventually buy a house. So if you do not have anything to do with your free time, might as well use the time to find another source of income like doing freelance works, consultation, small business among others.

Everyone needs to have a secured financial status before deciding to buy a house. Thus, you need to start to become more cautious and responsible in handling your finances. When you are already in the process of home buying, there are home loans like variable rate loans and fixed rate home loans that are available to assist those who wish to buy a house.  They can be of big help to you in buying your dream house on your 40’s or while still in your 20’s.