Tips for Saving Money at Home

Saving Money at Home

Budgeting is something we all need to do a little more of, and are all generally quite reluctant to do. The fact is that we’re creatures of habit, settled into our general lifestyle and daily routine, and doing anything to challenge that makes us feel quite uneasy. We often think of our expenditure being the money we spend when we go out but, on top of rent/mortgage payments, we actually spend a considerable amount at home and in our daily habits. Tweaking these a little could potentially save us more cash than we realise.

Energy Bills

There are plenty of environmental reasons to cut back on your energy use, but trimming the edges on this front can also do a great deal for your wallet. The best part of this is that it can be so simple to do; turning off the lights in a room you’re not using really won’t do you any harm. This might not make a noticeable difference to your monthly bill, but is worth doing in the long term, for your cash flow and for the environment. Putting in a little more effort can bring about more notable savings, such as hanging your washing out to dry rather than using the tumble dryer. Perhaps the most difficult but beneficial way of saving money on utility bills is to be careful with how often you use the central heating. This can be unpleasant, particularly during the cold winter months, so make sure you don’t turn it off completely and find yourselves shivering through the night! However, it can be wise to reduce the time that you have it on, make your home extra cosy with piles of blankets and cushions, and maybe make a hot water bottle. These will all keep you toasty without an unpleasant bill at the end of the month!

Home Cooking

Again, this is a case of putting in a little more effort in order to make some savings. After a long day at work it can be incredibly tempting to buy a ready made meal from the supermarket, or even go all out and get a takeaway, but the ingredients required to cook a meal from scratch usually cost significantly less than buying the finished product, so where possible, it’s worthwhile trying to do this. The same applies for lunches to take to work or school; although it can be tempting to pick something up from the canteen or corner shop, it will have a notably positive impact on your budget to think ahead and prepare something at home in advance. It might be a bit of a slog to start with, but once you get into the routine you’ll think nothing of it, and will probably find a better way to enjoy the extra cash!

Earning a Little Extra

All these small cutbacks can help save a little money which you can put into a savings account, or use to treat yourself to something a little more exciting. To top this up, you can earn a little extra cash from home by completing surveys for cash such as those offered by Crowdology. Sharing your views and opinions can earn you enough to justify a small luxury like a coffee catch-up in a nice café, or can be combined with the other money you’re saving to put towards a bigger treat, perhaps a new item of clothing or a meal out.

Saving money might seem like an overwhelming task, but when broken down into small, every day steps, it is actually quite achievable, and will pay off in the long run!