Things to Consider before a Home Extension


Expanding your home can provide many benefits, but before you decide that it is the right decision for you and your family, there are some things to take into consideration. A few of these ideas will be discussed below.

One thing to consider is adding basement space. You may be able to convert an existing cellar or expand an existing basement. Many who are thinking about extending or expanding their home only think about making it wider or taller, but taking advantage of underground space is a great way to add additional living area to your home without using up the volume allocated to your particular property and development rights. Before adding basement space, you will need to speak with local authorities to find out about creating basement windows as well as external access. All work must comply with the regulations that have been laid out by your local government.

Take time to learn about the types of work in your area that need approval by local governmental agencies. Some of these things typically include anything that involves new drainage and waste plumbing, like installing showers and toilets. Home extensions that involve bedrooms, kitchens, and lounges typically need approval. Installing or altering windows, chimneys, and heating appliances will also require approval. The last thing you want to end up with is a completed project that is not up to code or has not been approved.

Many have found that they do not necessarily need to expand their entire home, but what they really need is to simply remove a wall or two in their home in order to make the home more spacious. You can speak with a Sydney home extensions company in order to get ideas about adding space to your home as well as adding light to your home by simply removing some walls instead of doing an add-on.

When coming up with a new design, you may find that the biggest design challenge is coming up with a practical and efficient way to access the add-on. For example, you may have to walk right through a bedroom to get to the new addition. So what used to be a living space has now become a large corridor or hallway. This is going to you require you to rethink the function of each room that is near the area that will be added on. Make sure that the circulation space in the home is used wisely.

Take time to seriously think about what you are really going to get out of loft conversion. There are a lot of requirements that you are likely going to need to meet when adding a loft or converting attic space into the loft. After you meet all of these requirements, you may not be left with all that much extra living space. Take the time to weigh the pros and cons when thinking about adding a loft.

If you are home is attached to a neighbor’s home or if it is very close, you are also going to need to learn about laws that are in place that would affect your neighbor’s property.

Look at all of the pros and cons that will come from your home extension. This is the best way for you to make decisions that will be in your best long-term interest.