The Importance of feasibility study


Making an investment decision is not easy. It requires great deal of planning and research. Nobody wants to put their hard earned money into an investment which may not generate returns. There are various components that form a part of investment decisions. Starting from the planning for capital to the final investment decision, a lot goes into the process. The most important aspect to be considered is the ability of the project to generate returns in the future. When property developers or investors start to make an investment plan, they consider the feasibility of the project.

What is feasibility?

Feasibility is the possibility to develop a property. For investors, it is the possibility to generate returns in the future. Property developers always carry out a feasibility study in order to determine if they are able to make a profit on their investment. No individual commits to a project unless a thorough research has been carried out.

Importance of feasibility studies

  • In order to make the right investment choices, a lot of rational thinking and planning is required. Development of property requires huge investment which needs to be planned in advance. Research of the market and an analysis of the market conditions can help ensure that the right investment decision is made.
  • A feasibility study will provide the right accuracy and focus on the project in addition to giving confidence. With the feasibility study, it will be possible to reduce the risk of investment. The study will help estimate the approximate results that will be delivered on the investment.
  • With a researched study, it will be possible to highlight the risks associated with the investment. Investors will be prepared to undertake the risk and will know the problems that will come somewhere down the road. The detailed study of the project will help you reconsider the project and make the right decision. Without the right numbers in terms of risks and returns, it will be difficult to know whether you are making the right decision or not.

How to go about the feasibility study?

After understanding the important of a feasibility study, it is important the ways in which you can go about it. First and foremost, the study will take a great deal of time and concentration which is why most investors end up avoiding it. Although it is a tedious process, it is an important process which needs to be followed by every property investor. Follow these steps to understand how the feasibility study works.

Understand the opportunity: Firstly, it is important to identify and understand the opportunity available to you. This will help you figure out whether you need to put money into it or not. If you understand the opportunity, you will be able to identify whether you want to go ahead with the study or not.

Testing: Sometimes the cost of a project could overrun and lead to huge damages. Feasibility study for property development will allow the investor to figure out how to deal with the expenses in case they increase or unexpected costs arise. This is a trial and error method where every aspect is considered before coming to a decision.

Confidence: The feasibility study will increase the confidence in terms of the investment opportunity and if you know your numbers well, you will be able to plan the project in accordance.

Decision making: The last stage is the stage of decision making where you will be able to decide whether you want to go ahead with an investment or not. It is important to consider the results of the study in detail before bringing the project to life. If the study reveals positive results and shows higher possibility of returns, it is ideal to make the decision to invest. In case the results are negative, it is better to stay away from the project.

There is no denying the fact that feasibility study is very important for the success of a project and it is important to take the step at the right time. A detailed study will require much more than number crunching. It will include the research of the market and a detailed analysis of the costs and unexpected increase in the expenses. The perfect time to conduct a study is before making any decision to invest in order to ensure that you do not regret the decision later on. Most property developers choose to give enough time for the feasibility study and never rush the decision. Development of property blocks a huge sum of money; hence the decision should be practically made.