Live scan is the most considerable process which is done to find the record of a person. Live scan can be done in a really specified manner to reveal the prints of a person’s finger. These prints of your fingers can be used for many purposes such as to make your license, to match your prints with criminal records and so on.

History of live scan

Before the invention of live scan process, people used to take the prints with the old manual process. In old manual processes, fingerprints were copied by the ink and then rolled to the computer. After rolling those prints to the computer these prints were rolled to the specified person’s identity card. This was the process of getting fingerprints in past.

But with the passage of time and with the technology enhancements the story has totally been changed. Usage of previous fingerprinting process is totally being demolished with the arrival of live scan. Live scan system was introduced in 1989 and just because of this, there happened radical changes. Live scan made a great progress in the history and due to the simplicity, it got much fame.

What is live scan?

The process of lives can have been done with a simple method. In live scan, the prints of someone’s finger has been taken by putting his/her fingers at a scanner. This scanner consists of a screen which in simple means take a picture of relevant person’s fingers. When, this has done then this photo is sent to the computer where the other process is being continued.

Process of live scan consists of a peripheral device which is used to take the printing of fingers. This device is similar to the printer and we have to use monitor and operating system (OS) to perform the process of live scan. This process of fingerprinting is undoubtedly amazing and this makes great changes in a matter of seconds. However, there are some benefits of getting the live scan which is being explained below:

  1. Live scan is easier.
  2. Live scan is so fast.
  3. Live scan saves time.

These all are the factors which make live scanning prominent and a choice of all security concerning departments. Because live scan gives them surety and clarity due to being a trustworthy method.

Live scan for you

If you are interested in live scan or due to any reason you need live scan, then this can also be done in your city. Now you can easily get the live scan done in San Jose and San Diego. There is a company named as Certifix provides the facility of live scanning.

Certifix provides the live scanning in two most populous cities of California. You can find out the live scan in San Jose and live scan in San Diego by the Certifix. These live scans are being processed by the wider range of technology and this will allow to get the prints done quickly. You can have the following benefits of live scanning fingerprint by the Certifix:

  1. Live scan would be performed by a certified expert.
  2. This would be so rapid.
  3. Latest and upgraded technology.

But keep in mind that when you are going to make live scan fingerprinting happen, you must provide a valid photo of your ID.

So, if you have any type of concern related to privacy or you have to provide your data at somewhere, then live scan is the best solution.