‘The Hare and Tortoise System for Managing the Email Overload’

Email Overload

As we all already know it is very difficult to stay up to the mark with our everyday tasks in these hustled living styles we have adopted maybe willingly or unwillingly. But anyhow, and somehow we are all under this rush hour. However, there is one more important thing that we just overlook is the ‘social distraction’, that has taken the entire haul.

Most of us unknowingly ignore paying attention to the important ‘deep work’ by putting most of our time in multi-tasking, challenging ourselves, which ends up spending most of them in things which are important too but needs less of our time and attention. Needlessly in achieving multi-tasking makes us preoccupied with mustered thoughts and a jumble of mind-maps.

Foremost priority should be given to time distribution and managing of what’s urgent and what’s important.

In this article ‘THE HARE AND TORTOISE SYSTEM FOR MANAGING THE EMAIL OVERLOAD’, jotted down in a genial and perceiving pattern by Darren Smith. He has given the reality checks in a genuine gentle manner, meanwhile giving us Uber satisfactory reasons for voiding down the email game.

We actually have chained up ourselves with emails, a sort of addicted and addictions don’t make rational sense. Perhaps, being rational and staying sane with all the clutter we have around is the key, though a difficult task asked to be done it’s prior to stay ahead of the game. And for that, we need to gain a sense of time fractioning. The First step to observe how much time we are giving to the things and then analyzing is it worth this ample of time I’m giving it to? And there you go….you will get know what portions I need to put up for each task. Try to put and fix a lesser time for checking up the emails.

In this article, Darren Smith also has given a pro-tip for distributing our work on ethical times. He has used a very impactful way by taking under the fable of the hare and the tortoise, which tells how fractioning and usage of time is unmistakably important.

Just give more attention to deep work, but that doesn’t mean abiding all other tasks just take meantime for that too. Work on your time distribution and there you go…you will be able to stay nearly up to the mark and when it comes in a routine you will get in a habit of rooting more towards the deep work. Though this might not be a good handful suggestion for everyone because you are like you don’t know what kind of work or circumstances I’m going through or what type of clients I have to deal with, yes, that is absolutely right but the thing is you need to analyze and change your way of giving time to the things.

Learn to how to manage and you won’t fail because Learning is a lifetime process.

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