Taxes Made Easy: 3 Reasons You Should be Hiring a Professional


Running a business can be all-consuming as you strive to stay on top of: products, services and quality control; suppliers and distributors; as well asemployee-management, accounting paperwork and tax compliance. Whew!

Doing it all on your own could mean spreading yourself too thin. It’s wise to hire a tax professional for certain aspects of your operations.

Tax professionals can help you reduce your tax bill

Very few business owners really grasp the full breadth and depth of just how many money-saving deductions and allowances they can take advantage of while still maintaining compliance with their taxes. If you’d like to check out some of the lesser-known or newer benefits which businesses may be entitled to, the Gudorf Tax Group has details on them.

There’s also the possibility that restructuring your business or the manner in which you do transactions could save you money on your taxes. A tax professional, such as an Enrolled Agent (EA), a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) or a tax attorney canguide you on how to go about it.

Money saved on taxes means more money is available to grow your business. You can use the savings to keep up with bill payments; improve your inventory; purchase equipment; or expand your business in ways you may have been considering but were not able to fund.

Tax professionals keep abreast of tax laws

When you’re the one solely in control of your company’s taxes, you take on the big responsibilityof having to stay current with all the tax laws related to your business so as to ensure that you remain compliant.

Not being aware of new laws, or misinterpreting them, can lead to you making mistakes with your taxes. This can result in costly fines and penalties whichcould push you right out of business.

Accountants and tax specialists keep up with changes in the tax laws as a routine part of their services. Their training allows them to understand the nuances in the wording of these laws in ways that might be lost on the average person. Furthermore, the experienced tax professional is able to break it all down for you, the business owner, to understand.

Tax professionals provide representation if you have to deal with the IRS

If you retain the services of a tax professional from early on, then it’s quite unlikely that you will end up having to deal with the IRS, since they will be working consistently to keep you compliant. If you choose to handle your business taxes on your own, however, you may run afoul of the laws or be called upon to verify that your business and personal expenses are indeed separate.

In the event that you have to deal with the IRS, an experienced EA, CPA or tax attorney is a good partner to have. They are familiar with the bureaucracyinvolved and can confidently represent your interests.

Some companies go years not realizing the benefits that come with engaging the services of a tax professional. The fact is, however, that they can contribute to you saving time and money now and in the long run, while positively impacting your company’s growth.