Take The Guesswork Out Of The Hiring Process


Whenever another sales position needs to be filled, it can cause great anxiety for hiring managers. With time, energy and resources put into recruiting, reading resumes, and interviewing it can feel like a blow when new hires don’t work out or fail to meet company expectations. This can also look bad on you as the manager overseeing the process, and can be taken as a reflection of your sense of judgment. In reality however, determining who a successful candidate will be based simply on a handful of meetings is a risk for any industry, and for sales that risk increases.

While there is much you can teach a new hire – skills and tricks of the trade – you will be less likely to alter a sales personality that is simply not a good fit. Every strong salesperson should exhibit empathy, focus, a sense of responsibility, optimism and drive; the unique mix of these qualities is what creates an individual’s sales personality. Sociability and sense of urgency play a part in this equation too. Unfortunately, it is challenging to know exactly what a new hire’s sales personality is like until they put in the work for some months, but it’ll be made obvious when you see they’ve yielded very little – but the moment you recognize the benefits of sales assessment tests you’ll realize you opened the door to better hires across the board.

Many from the outside perceive the nature of sales to be cutthroat and results-oriented; more than anything though it is delicate. A salesperson must have excellent perception and be able to anticipate the direction of a call from one moment to the next. They must also not become discouraged and maintain powerful resilience to negativity while remaining personable. To help companies find this ideal candidate, tools like sales personality tests have emerged to alleviate hiring risk and to make the process of finding that right employee more transparent.

Tests like those available through SalesTestOnline have been developed by industrial psychologists and have been designed to cut through facades that some applicants may put on in order to get the job. The test can be implemented at any point during the hiring process and can even be customized for your organization to address the requirements of the position(s) you’re looking to fill. When an applicant takes the test they are compared against an ideal sales profile, clearly showing their suitability for various activities from prospecting to closing, to working on commission. It also only takes the applicant approximately 10 minutes to complete with results available instantly online – saving both you and them any more wasted time should it not be a match.

In the sales profession, it is very difficult to know how an employee will fair in the long term. So often, the type of sales personality one expects will suit a position does not. More commonly still, the type of personality a prospective candidate displays in the interviewing room is hardly an authentic representation of how they will be once they land the job. To prevent further turnover, implement one of these tests in your application process today and learn who the strongest applicants actually are.