Stuck with E-commerce Sales? Use Instagram as a Marketing Tool


Thanks to the rising popularity of visual content and dominance of Instagram, it is now the prime choice for marketers to promote their brand. The case is no different for E-commerce websites that are trying to market their brand along with their services and products on social media. Instagram is the best marketing tool for e-commerce startups.

As an entrepreneur, it is quite normal for you to search for new ways to increase user engagement in order to drive your sales. Given the paid and free features of Instagram, it is the best solution to all your marketing issues. If you are not familiar with the basic marketing techniques on Instagram, take a look at these tips and grow your e-commerce business to a great extent:

Personalize Instagram with a Business Profile

Ever since Instagram has launched the facility of the business account, more and more entrepreneurs are converting their personal profile into a business one. There are many benefits to this Instagram marketing initiative. You can get an insight into the performance and reach of your posts. On top of that, you can also get information related to the click-through rates on your sponsored visuals and paid ads. This will let you comprehend how to make your content better next time and boost the number of impressions.

Avail Instagram Tools

Instagram offers e-commerce marketers with several marketing tools to promote their content in front of a large audience and helps them in generating leads and sales. For e-commerce marketers, this a great opportunity to use this app and direct the followers to the product category live on their websites. There are tools through which you can create a clickable storefront on Instagram. Apart from that, you can also help the users find your profile and browse or buy your products through hashtags. Make sure you avail software that creates attention-seeking hashtags for your brand on Instagram.

Make Your Visuals Stand Out

Content is always going to be the determining factor despite whatsoever technique you use for increasing your reach and sales on Instagram. Furthermore, your images and videos on Instagram play a vital role in bolstering your brand value, making people know about your business. Ensure that you have an effective content marketing strategy and post attractive visuals along with strong call-to-action to grab the attention of the viewers. With an increase in the traffic, you can drive your followers to your site for making a buying decision. For getting more traffic, you can take the help of a social media management company that offers services in increasing followers for Instagram.

Utilize Proper Hashtags

Even though you have created amazing images for encouraging your audience to visit your e-commerce website, the efforts can go in vain without the use of appropriate hashtags. Every post on Instagram needs to be heavily backed up by innovative and brand-specific hashtags. This kind of approach allows more and more people to discover your profile and gets you more likes and clicks. You can also use several tools for generating new and creative hashtags.


Entrepreneurs can make the most out of Instagram by keeping the above-mentioned tactics in mind. Flourishing your e-commerce business with the help of Instagram is easy; all you need is patience and proper deployment of new marketing trends.

Author Bio – Matt Davis is a computer engineer who also develops apps for online marketing. He finds the concept of Instagram marketing attractive and writes about how to get followers for Instagram in his blogs.