Steps To Repair Your Garage Door Spring


Suddenly, on some unfortunate day, you get to hear that the door spring of the garage has snapped off and you are not able to open it. Your entire work for the day will go for a toss and you have to stay back at your home to get the things repaired. But how will you repair it is the question. Repairing them is not an easy thing to do. If the spring breaks that you will get trapped in the garage till someone comes to your rescue.

Malfunctioning of the garage door springs are quite common and experts say that the mechanics are often called for repairing purposes. The garage doors give support to the weight of the door. The springs are generally stretched or wounded under pressure. This causes them to loosen with every opening and closing of the doors. Because the springs are supporting the entire weight of the door so they are quite normal to break down. Thus, in this article, we would help you out with some of the steps to repair the springs.

Bring Out the Car from the Garage

Even if the doors of the garage have busted you can operate them manually. Pull the emergency cord and you will be able to operate the door manually. The garage door is heavy enough and it becomes far heavier without using the springs. It neutralizes the weight normally. If you find that the weight is too much for you, then take the help of someone else. If you drop it accidentally then that can cause damage to your body parts if you try to stop them.

Identify the Spring You Have

There are two types of springs, viz., Torsion and Extension. Both of them have a force that is almost equal to the door of the garage. This balances the weight up to 300 pounds so that the door can be opened easily. If you are having a Torsion spring then you can easily identify it finding them across the bars on the inner side of the doors. The tension that is caused in the spring helps to lift the door of the garage. If you are having extension springs then they can be found on both the sides of the door. These acts like rubber bands which stretch when the doors are lowered.

Buy New Springs and Install Them

You can buy new ones when you know their types. You can replace all of the springs of the garage door at the same time. If one breaks you can expect the other one to break soon. So, before it gives you a headache install the new garage door springs into your garage.

So, we hope that this information will help to keep you safe and keep off your worries for the time being.