Spread Betting: A Basic Guide to this Alternative Trading Method with ETX Capital


Financial spread betting is an alternative way of investing or trading in the financial markets. This form of investing is quite interesting and carries no taxes (you won’t get this particular benefit with standard trading) – owing to which it is emerging as one of the most popular trading methods. It enables you to trade without actually owning the options. Not to forget, it is an incredibly profitable avenue as well.

The Advantages of Spread Betting

You are required to deposit only a fraction of the actual product price. The high leverage has attracted ambitious traders, who are at liberty to increase the size of the trade and simultaneously bolster their exposure in tread. Traders can win big over a short or long period of time even when the market is going down. However, if the market moves in the opposite direction of your bet, you should brace yourself up for sizable loss. You can decide to end your bet if you think that the market is soon going to turn against your favor.

ETX Capital: One of the most trustworthy Spread Betting Providers in the market

The financial companies allow traders to execute trades based on the rise and fall of the shares or stocks and the extent of the rise and fall of stocks as well. Talking of spread betting providers- please be informed that ETX Capital has emerged as a leading name in this regard and not without reasons. Given below are the benefits of spread betting with ETX Capital.

Backed by three different platforms (i.e. ETX MT4, ETX TraderPro and ETX Binary), the company offers you several platforms to select from – including the likes of Currencies, Indices, Equities and Commodities.

There is ample scope for traders to educate themselves about spread betting – thanks to ETX Capital’s all embracing spread betting programs, webinars and seminars for clients.

One of the biggest assets of ETX is its multilingual Customer Service Team which is responsible for answering all sorts of queries posed by traders or mitigating problems that you are stuck with.


Needless to say, ETX’s constant efforts towards the improvisation of trading experience have been duly acknowledged by multiple awards including the Best Value for Money- Investment Trends (2011), Broker with the Best Online Charts (2012) and Best Provider of Forex Trading Tools and Software – UK Forex Awards (2013). The platform is duly regulated by Financial Conduct Authority (UK). We ensure complete safety of client funds by preserving them with premier banks.