Skills Required to be a Dental Office Manager


Skills Required to be a Dental Office Manager

One of the most important dental jobs in a practice is that of the Dental Office Manager. Without the office manager, the practice wouldn’t be able to run properly. In order to be effective in this job, there are a number of different skills and characteristics that you should have. Let’s take a look at these.

But first, what roles is a Dental Office Manager expected to carry out?

  • Respond and communicate effectively with the dentist and patients.
  • Deal with patient issues, making sure to comply with all the policies of the practice when doing so.
  • Arrange patient appointments and deal with treatment schedules, making sure the patient knows exactly what is going on.
  • Organize and manage the payment of bills for treatment completed in the practice. The Office Manager may need to create a schedule for the payment if it is quite large.
  • Recruitment is another part of the job that Office Managers are expected to carry out.
  • Budgeting for the Dental Office as a whole.
  • Market the practice and ensure it is well advertised in the local community.

There are also many more tasks that a Dental Office Manager will be expected to complete. The skills required include:


Because of the wide range of tasks that need to be completed on a day to day basis, it is essential that the Dental Office Manager is able to work quickly and effectively on numerous tasks simultaneously. We know that not all tasks can be completed at the same time, so it could be a case of delegating tasks to more junior members of staff to ensure they are carried out. Managing the tasks when delegating is also key to the success of this.


Excellent Communication Skills

When a patient visits the practice, they will most likely be a little bit apprehensive, as it can be quite stressful for many to come to an appointment. A simple “hello” and a smile goes a long way to making the patient feel welcome and at ease. By doing this, it will make the patient more likely to come back to the practice, which helps with patient retention.

Experience as a Dental Assistant

Although not absolutely essential in the majority of cases, it does help that you’ve had prior experience as a Dental Assistant. By knowing what goes on in the treatment room, it will help greatly when it comes to managing the practice.

Marketing Skills

Often the Dental Office Manager will be in charge of marketing the practice to the general public. This could be a combination of online and offline advertising, so you need to know what works and what doesn’t work to ensure the marketing budget is well spent. It could be a case of setting up an advertising campaign online, or managing social media. But don’t overlook more traditional advertising methods such as poster advertising.

These are just some of the skills required to be a great Dental Office Manager. Look for the latest jobs on DentReps ( to see if there any Office Manager jobs for you in your area.