Should You Opt for an Employee Self-Service System


Employees in the workplace are not classified as assets. In the previous century, there was a pretty high profile case settled in an international court of law which stated that employees cannot be regarded as a company’s assets. When the protracted affair was over and the verdict was read out, the judge gave this reasoning: an employee cannot be regarded as a company’s asset, because they have free will. Unlike machines and other assets in the workplace, employees can decide when they want to quit. There’s no definite period for which an employee will work at a company.

However, employees need to be managed properly in the workplace. Every person in the organisation must have a clear and defined role. Ideally, employees work in teams. Every team in the organisation must achieve a specific number of goals. Team leaders and managers are responsible for managing the employees under them and to make sure that each individual is satisfied within the company.

If an employee has a problem, they will go to the human resources department. The human resources department is responsible for making sure that employees are satisfied with working conditions and that their queries are resolved. To further streamline this process in your organisation, you should consider setting up an ESS system, which translates to ระบบ ess in Thai. Here are just some of the many benefits that the system offers.


The employee self-service system, developed by Orisoft, is designed to automate human resource management and make it easier for managers to remain in better contact with their subordinates. You can carry out appraisals based on an employee’s performance with the help of the program directly. It’s simple, quite easy to use, and makes it extremely efficient for managers to write down reviews and appraisals of different employees.


The end of the month poses a major challenge for business owners. They have to sit down and calculate the total amount of money owed to every employee. This includes bonuses, overtime payments, advances, and more. Thanks to the e-Pay Slip offered by Orisoft in Thailand, you don’t need to worry about all of that anymore. The payment slip will be generated each month. All you have to do is check the slip and make sure that it agrees with your calculations.

Complaint Platform

If employees have issues or suggestions that they would like to make about your company in Thailand, the e-portal gives them an excellent platform through which they can get their voices heard. All they have to do is log in with their credentials and then launch a complaint. In fact, the program contains a lot of different features that can be used by employees to remain in touch with their employers. Some of the most accessible features included in the program are the e-Loan button, the e-Bulletin access, attendance module, form and application filing, as well as an online polling system through which employees can give their payback.