Seattle Residential Neighborhoods Worth Considering


If your family is planning a relocation to Seattle (or if you are current residents of the city and looking for a new place to live), you’ll want to explore some of the best residential neighborhoods in the area. This city has some amazing destinations worth considering – and of course, if you’re searching for a new family home, then you probably want to reside on a street that’s safe, family-friendly, and conveniently located near local features such as schools, stores, and parks. The following neighborhoods could be perfect for you and your loved ones.

View Ridge

This neighborhood in North Seattle may be found at or near the top of any list describing family-friendly neighborhoods in Seattle. You can experience some amazing views from a lot of the homes in View Ridge, including breathtaking glimpses of Mount Rainier and Lake Washington. Families with kids can send them to top-notch public schools in this neighborhood. Residents may also enjoy the amenities offered at View Ridge Playfield, which is a great place to bring the little ones. The median home value in View Ridge is over $500,000, and the average rent is just over $1,000.   


Like View Ridge, Laurelhurst is also in North Seattle. You will have access to plenty of good schools in this neighborhood, as well. Laurelhurst Community Center is well known in the area, and it features afterschool programs, playtime for toddlers, a playground, and even an art studio. The median home value in Laurelhurst is over $900,000, and the average rent is over $1,100.

Columbia City

If you seek a great neighborhood with a median home price that’s below $500,000, you may want to check out Columbia City. This neighborhood in the southeast part of Seattle has an average home price of a bit over $350,000, and the median rent rate is under $1,000. The Boys and Girls Club has a new regional facility in Columbia City, and families may attend local arts and cultural events.

Green Lake

The Green Lake neighborhood is in the north central part of the city, and it’s known as one of the safest place to live in Seattle. It’s home to the lake that gives it its name, and housing types vary greatly in the area. The median home price is over $525,000, and the average rental rate is just over $1,100. If you have children, they will likely enjoy a great public school within a reasonable distance of your home.  

Madison Park

With excellent public schools for local kids to attend, this neighborhood in the east central part of Seattle could be the perfect option for your household. The average home value in Madison Park is close to $900,000, and the median rent is over $1,100. This area has the appeal of a charming village, and its streets are generally clean and safe. Your family may appreciate the local beach, which is a popular place to be in the summer.


Another highly popular place to live in North Seattle, the Ravenna neighborhood is actually one of the most desirable residential neighborhoods in the U.S. The median home value is just above $490,00, and the average rent is above $1,300. The historic homes are a major selling point in Ravenna. Your family can browse the stores of the local shopping mall, which is called University Village. An abundance of very good public schools may be accessed in Ravenna.

Seattle is a wonderful place to live. The city is a vibrant cultural hub, and it offers a wide range of career opportunities and recreational activities. You might choose from a broad assortment of unique neighborhoods that are inviting to families of all sizes.

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