Road Trip in the British Isles


There’s nothing better than taking a road trip around the British Isles. From the beautiful highlands in Scotland to the green green grass of Wales, the amazing English countryside and Northern Ireland’s many attractions, there’s so much to see and do. If you’re unfamiliar with road layouts anywhere in the British Isles, it’s important to drive carefully. Unfortunately car accidents do happen when you least expect them.

The internet provides lots of useful information if you do have an accident when on a road trip of how much you can claim either for injury or damage to your vehicle. Car accident claim specialists need to know:-

  • When you were injured
  • Was the accident your fault or the fault of another?
  • Did you receive medical attention if you were injured?

You will then need to provide your name and telephone number. Information as to how much you might receive in compensation will then appear on your screen. This amount is just a guideline although it should give you a good idea of how much to expect.

Accidents that can be covered

The types of accidents that can be covered by claims experts include:-

  1. Road accidents – whether you’ve incurred an injury by a car, motorbike, bicycle or bus you are entitled to compensation if the accident was the driver’s fault. Injury compensation advisers work on a 100% no win no fee basis, so it won’t cost you anything when your case is taken on.
  2. Work accidents – you could be valid to claim for an accident at work if you used defective equipment, had improper training, negligence of work colleagues, an object fell on you or inhaling noxious substances.
  3. Industrial accidents – these types of accidents comprise repetitive strain injuries, back injuries, deafness, chemical injuries or the inhalation of asbestos.
  4. Slips and trips – under this category if you’ve slipped or tripped on a wet surface that wasn’t cordoned off, you can make a claim using online specialists. Trips and slips caused by uneven pavements, exposed tree roots or a trailing cable can also be claimed for.

Expect a fast, confidential, hassle-free service when you get in touch with car accident claim companies.  Other types of claims range from animal bites, defective products, criminal and sporting injuries.

Read more info via online testimonials

There are plenty of positive and interesting testimonials to read. This will provide you with a good idea of what you can claim for and what compensation you might receive. Read about:-

  • Cars pulling out of side streets with drivers not paying attention and causing an accident.
  • Someone hitting the back of a car that was stationary at a zebra crossing.
  • Whiplash and back injury caused by an inattentive driver.
  • A van driving straight into a cyclist.

These comments will go some way in helping you to make an injury claim if you have sustained a car accident injury through no fault of your own.