Review of Bitcoins Platform


Have you considered to buy bitcoin quick or to invest in bitcoins? I have been investing and trading in bitcoins on for a while now. In this review, I am going to assess the platform based on my personal experience in an attempt to help you find out if is good enough for you. is a person-to-person bitcoin trading platform that helps you buy or sell bitcoins to other people; does not buy or sell bitcoins itself. The following are some of the reasons why is a reliable bitcoin trading platform.

First, registering in this platform is extremely easy. It takes just a little while for you to sign up and get started. After registration with the platform, you only have to specify how many bitcoins you want to buy; and then you make a payment. Amazingly, on you could start with as little as 20 dollars. The good thing is that there is a range of payment methods that you can use, for instance using a credit card or paying via PayPal. When the payment is confirmed, you immediately receive your virtual gold coins; you then have the liberty to spend your bitcoins as you please, for instance to buy items on Amazon or to trade other currencies. offers you high speed in terms of execution. If you want to buy bitcoins quickly, they make sure you have them within a few minutes. Moreover, the process is highly secure with advanced security measures and encryption keys. In case of any confusion or problems, they have a 24/7 hour support team that works to resolve your issues within a very short time.

Truth be told, majority of bitcoin exchanges do not make it possible for you to make payments using credit cards. Furthermore, you have to wait for a long time to before you can have the bitcoins you purchased. However with, this whole process takes place almost instantly. Moreover, you can use credit cards to make payments.

The other advantage with is the fact that it is a secured lending platform. This lending is similar to exchanging, but it is much better in that it gives you the chance to get your bitcoin loan quickly. The good thing with this kind of lending is that you can repay the loan using your preferred payment method. With lending platform, individuals are ones giving loans to each other in a secure manner. This process works by initially giving money to the one you are borrowing from so that they give can you bitcoins. Then if you feel you have no further need of bitcoin, you are free to give back the bitcoins to your lender and get back your money it’s that easy. Due to the high competition among the lenders on bitcoin, the interest rates are incredibly low, therefore being an added advantage to you.

The truth is that there are many bitcoin exchange platforms, where you can trade and invest with bitcoin. However, it is clear that offers the best deal out there with its many benefits the security, the liberty to use your coins as you please, the amazing lending platform and the list goes on and on.