Reasons Why Should You Read Your Pay Stubs


For some, a pay stub is just a piece of paper they’ll readily toss after receiving their salary. However, there’s no denying that pay stubs are essential. This is a detailed and complete account of your performance and salary. Therefore, it’s already enough of a reason why you should read the stub after receiving it. If you don’t, the next thing you’ll know is that you’re already searching for a pay stub calculator and trying to figure out what you did wrong at work. Here are some reasons why you should start reading your pay stubs now:

  • Taxes and Withholding Balance

See if your personal information details are accurate. This includes your SSS numbers, salary rates, time-off pay, and the like. If you’ll see that one detail is wrong, don’t be afraid to report it immediately. Chances are it’s just a mistake that needs instant attention. Thus, make it a habit to always check your stubs. For all we know, you might already be paying someone else’s taxes! So, check if there’s something fishy going on under your withholding balance.

  • Time Off Pay

Just because you’re given a complete account of your time off pay, this doesn’t mean that it’s accurate. In fact, it’s always good to make a backup just in case. More importantly, employees can easily lose track of their used time-off days, making them lax and confident that they still have a lot of paid leaves left, so reading will actually remind you of these details.

  • Deduction for Benefits

The fees for your benefits are usually deducted automatically, but always check if the calculation is done accurately. If these fees are not in the stub, this will hamper your benefits plan. If not for checking your pay stub, the only other way you’ll find out that there is a discrepancy going on is when you’re already in your doctor’s office. Most likely, you’ll try to argue why you’re paying more than you should when you’ve already paid for it under your benefits plan! Hence, before you run into bigger issues like arguing with your health provider, read your stubs the moment you receive them.

  • Paycheck Status

Although your pay stubs aren’t your actual paychecks, this is a concrete form of proof because this has all of your employee details. Thus, when the checkout process or direct ATM deposit is not yet activated, it’s always a good idea to securely keep your stubs. This may not directly mean that you’re going to read it, but it helps that you’ll know your paycheck’s status through it.

The more delay you have in reporting a mistake in your stub, the more time it will take for HR to fix the problem. Because of pay stub negligence, it’s possible that you’ll have a hard time getting your paycheck. And although you put your faith in your company’s HR department, mistakes are still likely to happen. Thus, always remember to read your stub’s in-depth details.