Reasons To Become A Notary


Millions of people around the country are notaries. They are responsible, in part, for helping consumers stay protected from identity theft and fraud. Notaries are in high demand for many businesses, private individuals and industries.

There is thought to be around one notary for every seventy people in the United States. For some, being a notary may seem mundane. However, they are witnesses of documents being authenticated. This is an important process for things such as contracts, mortgage documents, adoptions papers and powers of attorneys.

Each day, thousands are wondering where to get a notary stamp. You could be the one to stamp their documents if you get certified through a reputable company such as Below are some of the top reasons to become a notary.

Additional Income

Even though certified notaries are appointed by their state and serve as public officials, the clients they attain can be charged directly. Any revenue they make is theirs to keep. Some states do regulate how much a notary can charge for their services. Other states do not.

Flexible Schedule

If you decide that you want to become a mobile notary, you can create a schedule that works best around your other daily activities. The flexibility that comes with being a notary is perfect for homemakers, home-based entrepreneurs, moonlighters and anyone else looking to make a little extra income on the side.

A lot of the requests for notaries happen after normal business hours and on the weekends. If you have a regular job during the week, you could easily do a few notary jobs here and there in the evenings and whenever you have free time available.

Improve Your Resume

Becoming a notary is an easy way to beef up your current resume. Like stated earlier, notaries are in high demand. Adding this skill set into the mix with your other skills will make you highly marketable in many fields.

Notaries are known for being there to help when needed. Their job is a very important one and the benefits of becoming one are many. If you are the kind of individual who loves giving back to their community, becoming a notary is perfect for you. Many people who need things notarized may not be able to afford them such as the homeless and elderly. Some notaries love to help out and offer low-cost services to those in need.