Pune: An ideal housing destination


In recent years, Pune has developed into one of the best housing destinations in the country. We deliberate on the best reasons to buy property in Pune.

For decades, most home buyers made a beeline for the metros when they wished to find a better life. Over time, smaller cities and towns began to gain in prominence in terms of commercial and housing potential. As real estate and infrastructure projects were implemented in Tier II and III cities, more avenues opened for housing all over the country.

Pune has had a similar story. For years, it was bogged down by poor traffic and town planning, and the city area was a study in urban congestion. But over the last two decades, it has witnessed phenomenal growth in terms of living conditions, traffic improvements, public infrastructure and quality housing. Despite a slowdown in real estate elsewhere in Maharashtra, Pune continues to register stable growth in realty.

The fringe suburbs of Pune are witnessing the highest property growth in decades. The ease with which you can get a home loan in India should bolster your decision to buy a house in this city. Consider these reasons to invest in Pune –

* The city has a rich history. Historically, Pune was the centre of the Maratha and Peshwa rule. Once the British took over the rule of the land, it continued to be an important city that functioned as a major economic and political centre in the region. Today, though it is a fully urbanised city, it still wears the remnants of its past with pride. While there are forts and palaces in the city, there are also highways, posh residential towers and malls – all coexisting peacefully.

* There are many housing options. The city has some of the biggest MNCs and domestic business houses operating offices here. Areas like Hinjewadi, Bavdhan and Pimpri-Chinchwad are commercially significant. Supplementing its high commercial value is the demand for quality housing, both in the owned and rental spheres. You can find the house that you want, on a budget that you desire. The best housing in Pune costs much less than its counterpart in Mumbai. Also, you can get a home loan in Pune quite easily and begin the process of moving into your dream home.

* The biggest housing finance companies are present here. Owing to the immense housing potential of the city and the ever-increasing demand for owned properties, the biggest names in housing finance are already present in the city. This is good news for both new and existing home loan borrowers. While new buyers can easily get a home loan in Pune provided all their credentials are in order, those who have existing home loans can service them at their housing finance agency’s branch in Pune.

We hope you shortlist the best properties and find your dream home in Pune this year. It could be the best decision you ever make!