Protect Your Companion and Save Money


You love your pets just as much as if they were children, and as such, their health and long life are two of your highest priorities. Whether you welcomed your furry companion into your home recently or many years ago, you both stand to benefit from the addition of insurance. If you adopted your pet years ago and are only just considering insurance now, the likely reason you waited is because of the price of such a decision. What you did not know before, however, is that that price is lower now than it ever was, and the benefits far outweigh a small monthly bill. Every time your dog or cat suddenly fell ill in the past, you likely dreaded taking them to the vet because of the costly bills and medications. Rather than allowing these costs to add up over time, consider instead the life-saving help of animal insurance. Just like with your human family members, sickness can occur at any stage in an animal’s life, and with very little warning. Physical accidents are rarely foreseen, and these are just a couple of the serious, costly issues for which your pet might be brought to the clinic this year.

How it Works

Although each company likely approaches their pet insurance policies in a slightly different way than their competitors, the protection of your pet is always at the forefront of their mind. Insurance for your pet is created to follow the same basic principles and policies as your own insurance, so it is easy to understand. Unlike your insurance policy, you can bring your pet to your favourite veterinary clinic and get reimbursed for your pet’s time and treatment there without any worry. Many human insurance agencies insist you visit a particular doctor or utilise a specific pharmacy, but with pet insurance, this frustration is entirely off the table. In fact, you can add insurance at any time in your pet’s life and never have to move them to a new vet.

Wallet Over Your Pet

Before you decided to add insurance, you likely faced at least one situation in which you had to pay a hefty treatment bill for your pet. The older your pet becomes, the more frequent and pricey these visits become, and you might even have found yourself having to make the agonising decision of whether to perform an expensive surgery. After owners buy insurance for their pet, they are able to base their decisions entirely on the health of their furry family members and take money completely out of the question. Even if a procedure is only partly covered, the difference in price will be worth it when these happy owners see the healthy, excited wag of their pet’s tail. Over time, the price of vet visits is slated to rise, and will continue this trend for the next several years. In order to keep your expenses down and your pet healthy, take cost off of the table for good with insurance for your pet. No matter how many pets you currently own, they can each benefit from the added help, and so can your wallet.