Promoting with the seasons


As we travel through the year, businesses change their marketing strategies to match the seasons we are in and the celebrated holidays that are close by. These shifts in advertising is done as to try and get increased sales and shares as people are more likely to share something that is related to something they are going through in the moment. It’s also important as it is a way to mix things up and keep your various marketing campaigns fresh. It stops you from doing the same thing over and over again gives a new topic of conversation. There are a lot of different methods of marketing with the seasons however and in the post we are going to discuss how various companies handle seasonal promotions to hopefully give you a few ideas of what you can do throughout the year.

Post photos of weather to social media

One of the most common conversation topics between strangers is about the weather and there is a good reason behind this; everyone can relate to it. We all have to walk outside and endure it so we can all talk about it and have an interest in what others have to say about it, which is also why it is very popular on social media. Whenever there is an extreme with the weather, like extreme heat, blisteringly cold, especially rainy or furiously windy, you can make a post on social talking about what it is like around your business. Include one of your products in the image to make it even more relevant to your brand.

Seasonal discounts

Seasonal sales are a very common practice as well in e-commerce and retail and is done so frequently because of the power it can have over your sales. The effectiveness stems from the deadline that is placed on the discounts. Saying you are running a “Summer Sale” implies that the special deals will not be available to the customer when summer has ended so persuades them to go sooner rather than later. It also influences people to purchase when they wouldn’t have otherwise just because they know they are taking advantage of a deal. Advertising your sale is usually enough to build intrigue and get people visiting your store or perusing your wares online.

Plus you can put relevant products in the sale that are related to that time of year. Putting snow supplies on sale on the lead up to winter or summer clothing as the heat levels rise for instance. This is a great way to promote certain products as people will already be interested in buying these products and when they see you are selling products at a cheap price, they will likely go to you for that product over your competitors to take advantage of the deal.

Relevant promotional products

Many businesses use promotional products in their marketing strategies and for good reason. Having a constant reminder of your brand in the customer’s home or work is a great way to persuade them to purchase. When it comes to distributing products to clients and prospects, following the yearly trends of what is popular helps because customers are more likely to go out of their way to pick up various products when they are more relevant to them at that time. For example, someone is more likely to pick up a printed sports bottles during summer time as they will want to caring around drinks to keep themselves hydrated.

Themed product images for holidays

The various holidays that are sprinkled around the year always have very distinctive iconography and theming. This makes it easy for you to promote with the upcoming holidays as you can just use the same motifs in your marketing when it draws closer to the time. An example of this is how every business has trees, red and green, snow and other Christmas imagery when it gets close to December. You can do the same thing as it will help get shares on your social media posts and build popularity.