Professional Holding Companies in Switzerland Provide a Variety of Services


Because of its business-friendly environment and low taxes, Switzerland – in particular, Canton Zug – is the perfect place to start or expand a business. When you choose to open a business in Switzerland, you need the services of a holding company in order to set up your business correctly and to adhere to all legal requirements. Holding companies have strict requirements and are closely regulated. They can help you with all aspects of incorporating a business in Switzerland, so that you can enjoy the benefits this offers. Holding companies provide expert advice in areas such as incorporation and administrative services, and they provide a hands-on, custom-made approach to the needs of your particular business.

Holding Companies Can Assist a Range of Businesses

One of the main duties of a holding company is to handle all aspects of incorporating and registering a business in Switzerland. This includes ascertaining your needs and goals, both current and future; preparing and signing numerous fiduciary and legal documents; and preparing all documents related to the incorporation, such as articles of association and memoranda. They will also make sure that all documentation is notarised and submitted to the proper authorities, and that the business is registered as a commercial entity so that it can participate in trading operations, which takes only a few short weeks.

Of course, these companies do not stop there. Swiss holding company services also include a number of post-incorporation duties such as:

  • Creating templates for your letterhead and invoices
  • Establishing your business’s accounting mandates
  • Helping you set up banking accounts, including online accounts
  • Establishing rules concerning the frequencies and formats of your financial reporting
  • Establishing rules concerning certain operational processes, including faxes, emails, telephone calls and more
  • Registration of your new business for Swiss VAT, where applicable

There are other post-incorporation duties as well, and once they are completed, the holding company continues to provide a variety of administrative duties for your business for years to come.

Other Duties of a Swiss Holding Company

Swiss holding companies usually offer other services, including IT, fiduciary, accounting and tax services, as well as ancillary services that include administrative services like clerical, managerial and supervisory duties; providing office space complete with PC workstations and Internet capability, to name a few; telephone, fax and email services; and the establishment of a company website for your business. They can also help with things such as opening a private bank account, work permit and VISA applications, dedicated hosting services and more.

When choosing to incorporate or register your business in Switzerland, holding companies provide invaluable services that enable you to incorporate without unintentionally ignoring any legal requirement in the process. Of course, finding the right holding company not only means that you will fulfil all necessary legal requirements, but that you will continue to operate legally for many years to come. This, and the fact that the incorporation is faster with the assistance of a reputable holding company, means that finding the right holding company is essential to the future of your business.