Print Marketing Tips for Financial Advisors


One of the secrets of the trade for financial advisors is to be able to market yourself. This is vital to the success of any private practice and even more so because of the tough competition in the market today. Independent financial advisors may find themselves in a tough spot nowadays and this is because all firms that are even remotely related to financial matters offer sound financial advice; often these free of cost.

If you have an independent business where you provide consultation related to investments and such, you may have wondered how to appear better than your competition like banks, robo-advisors, and CPAs. If you can relate well to this, the good news is that hot prints marketing offers various tools and techniques to make yourself more visible. To know more about it, continue reading below.

The Different Tools of Print Marketing

Contrary to popular belief, print is much more than just printing on paper. When you hear phrases like “print is dying” and similar sayings people generally forget that printing extends far beyond that just on paper. With the advance in digital printers it is now possible to brand anything from coasters, pens, magnets, key chains, drinking apparatus and even t-shirts. If you take a look around any street, you are likely to find vinyl banners blinking down at you, printed posters in shop windows, flyers being distributed etc. It is therefore safe to say that print is not dead but is going through an improved transformation.

Therefore, when it comes to including print materials in your marketing strategy, the options are vast and you will never run out of choices. The great things about printing key chains and other some items of utility among your customers is that they don’t come across as direct marketing techniques. These are generally seen more as gift and will make the customers hold on to them longer than they would hold on to a catalogue or a flyer. This increases the recall value of your business and makes you more memorable in the minds of past clients.

Some Other Print Marketing Tips

Once you have chosen the tools for your marketing strategy, almost half your work is done. Now all you need to do is increase brand awareness and make yourself more visible to the world. You can do this by using vinyl banners along roads. This is an effective and inexpensive way to reach a wide audience at a glance. You must make sure that the banner has a personal touch, for example a picture of you or your team of advisors. You can also up with a catchy phrase which speaks directly to the customer and thus stands out from the rest.

If you have some regular clients, there are certain ways to use hot print USA marketing to show that you care. You can send printed postcards or greeting cards with a handwritten note or send them season greetings with gifts like a set of glassware with your logo on them. Don’t forget that these tools must carry your name and contact information without fail.