Personalizing The Kitchen On A Budget


Whether you have thousands of dollars to put toward a kitchen remodeling project or you’re on a budget, there are a few cost-cutting ideas that you can utilize to get a new look in the room. Kitchen remodelers can give you a better idea as to what you can do with the materials that you have on hand and some of the design trends so that you have a kitchen that has a stylish look.

Laminates are an option if you want an expensive look without spending a lot of money. A benefit of using laminates is that there is an abundance of patterns and colors to choose from, and you can cut the material to fit on almost any surface. If you don’t like the way that a design looks, you can easily change it by removing the material and adding something new.

You can use a few pieces of hardware and a little paint to customize the way that your kitchen looks without spending a lot of money. Attach drawer pulls in a different direction than horizontally or vertically. A dark color used with a metallic color or one that is brighter is ideal for making the kitchen pop with a vibrant appearance. If you’re looking for a way to get a granite counter without spending the massive amount of money for the material, then consider pouring concrete on the surface. You want to remove most of the counter space except for a base that will hold the concrete. Add a few swirls before the material dries to get a counter that looks like it’s worth hundreds of dollars.

Add a few personal touches to the kitchen to make it your own. An idea would be to use tools as drawer and cabinet pulls. This would be an idea to use for a man’s kitchen or even an idea for a kitchen for someone who enjoys working on cars or works with construction. For women, personal touches could include makeup brushes as handles for the drawers and cabinets or empty lipstick and cosmetic containers that double as utensil holders on the counters.