Overview of ADZbuzz uBlock


Publishers are exposed to the issue of as blocking and caused them lose 22 billion dollars’ revenue in 2015. There is seen a 40% increase in the number of a user which is evident of the fashioned popularity of ad blocking within a year.

Introducing the “ADZbuzz uBlock.”

ADZbuzz uBlock will help publishers restore their lost revenues through its unique services. There is a tussle between the ad publishers to promote their products and services and the web visitors who want an ad-free internet world. The publishers are currently using several techniques to push their ads and meanwhile the internet users are installing ad blockers to avoid these ads. The strategies being used by publishers include: making content paid, blocking Adblock users and using the anti-block script. Research has shown that about 80% of the internet users are familiar with the Adblock and practically use them.

The problem with current ad blockers:

As the ad blockers are going mainstream across the globe, it has deprived the publishers of 22 billion dollars of profit and this amount is even increasing. The growth rate of this loss is high in proportion to rising in the trend of ad blocking.

How ADZbuzz uBlock helps regular users, publishers, and advertisers?

ADbuzz uBlock helps publishers in particular ways to reduce the deficit caused by ad blocking trend. It eliminates the cause of the problem. The web which was bombard with ads has now been controlled and ended as it creates panic for the visitors. So the idea of an ad-supportive web is outdated, and the place is taken by the ad blockers.

 The only solution to this very problem; that would become the major mean of earning; is as follows:

  • Allow users to block all ads.
  • Centralize the ads.
  • Use the earnings from this centralized platform.

Adbzuzz Savers

Adzbuzz Savers would be constructed over the idea that the internet users should only be exposed to ads only if they want to view it or buy any product. In fact, it will provide the users with the centralized platform in the form of search engines for products and services.

Adzbuzz Savers will operate this way:

  • If visitors want to buy a motorbike and enters “Motor Bike” in the search box
  • The search results will display all motorbikes in the database
  • Visitor can compare prices in all online stores offering the motorbikes
  • Visitor can read reviews from other consumers
  • Visitor can find coupon codes to save money
  • When a visitor clicks the online retailer, Adzbuzz Savers generates revenue.
  • Adzbuzz Savers distributes this money to publishers

How companies generated revenue through centralized platforms

The centralized platforms caused billions of dollars of income each year:

  • Google 2015 total revenue: $74.54 billion
  • Facebook 2015 total revenue: $17.92 billion
  • Yahoo 2015 total revenue: $4.97 billion
  • LinkedIn 2015 total revenue: $2.99 billion
  • Twitter 2015 total revenue: $2.22 billion

The outcomes:

AdzBuzzz uBlock is an entire system that will allow the publishers to regain their lost shares due to the elimination of ad-supportive web. It will help publishers in a way that they will find a separate platform for publishing their ads and that platform, will also be the first point for the buyers who intend to make a purchase. It will benefit the web surfers also, by providing them an ad-free web. This way the AdBuzz uBlock will serve both the ad publishers and the web visitors.