Outperform with GFS Asia


GFS Asia is a global organisation that provides financial strategies and solutions to its clients. The company has over 220 investment strategies for different types of assets, investment styles, and geographic regions and companies adviser and trader combined experience totals of more than 100 years, now in todays fast moving financial markets 100 years has to mean something. With a focus on risk management, the company strives to maximise the profit potential of their clients. Unlike the other financial companies, that provide more attention to the high net worth clients, GFS Asia is committed to offering best services to smaller funds as well.


            GFS Asia is a leading company in providing financial solutions to clients across the world. The company provides education in financial markets including stocks, currencies, commodities, and bonds. It also provides a wide range of services while trading on the client’s behalf. The customers can also look for information and services related to hedge funds that can provide them with stable income and safeguard their capital against financial crisis.

GFS Asia works with client’s professional adviser using their own personal & confidential account, to make sure the investment manager invests money based on the client’s objectives and risk taking levels. The company professionals will keep the client regularly informed about their statements and portfolio progress.

Looking for stable income and put your heart at ease knowing your money is in the right hands? GFS Asia is able to deliver 12 to 40% annual returns to their clients on yearly basis which overpowers most of mutual funds available in the market.

The company provides a wide range of multi asset strategies to develop hedge funds and derivative market trading. By combining expertise and market knowledge, the company assists its clients to invest wisely while maintaining stable liquidity and stability of principal. Managing stocks and bonds is made easy with GFS Asia’s research driven and profit oriented services that are designed to fit every client’s needs. It also offers expert financial solutions and flexible portfolio construction based on the client’s needs including risk tolerance, liquidity as well as return & investment preference.

Apart from offering a broad spectrum of financial services, GFS Asia also offers financial education service to its clients.

            Introducing Janis Urste, the well-known financial trader with more than 15 years of experience in financial markets, investment banking and hedge funds, He is a businessman, investor, trader, financial coach and the President Director of GFS Asia.

            Started his trader career at the age of 16 by investing and placing his first trade on coffee beans. It was an instant success which resulted in overnight 100% gain. However instant gain soon turned back to reality when next trades were not as successful. This is story of a person with dedication, a strive to succeed and strong will as Janis did not give up. Completely opposite he attended countless seminars, hundreds and hundreds books on investing and trading when finally he found his mentor Nikolai and went to pursue his dream and learn the art of trading in Moscow.

Money management and risk management never get old and does not need updates – you either apply it or not : says Janis. The main reason why majority are not successful when it comes to investing is due to gambling mind and wanting to have immediate success and wealth. Investing and trading is a skill that has to be developed overtime. Small calculated risks taken on every trade will result to overall success in time. Janis also tells us that everyone can accumulate wealth in financial markets with the right guidance however the hardest thing is not to get carried away and take too many risks. Mr. Janis Urste is the award winner for “The Best Technical Analyst 2015” in the financial expo held in Dubai. He emphasises on a disciplined approach to managing trading risk. He has achieved above average returns from trading and investment through the several market cycles over these years. Visit this website for more information. www.gfsasia.org