On Choosing the Right Career for You – One of Life’s Hardest Decisions


When it comes to choosing a career, there are a number of things to consider. Obviously, pay is going to be a major factor, but there are other things you need to think about as well. The first point you should fully comprehend is that a career is not a job. A career is something you could do for the rest of your life while a job, by its very nature, can be transitory.

You look at a job as something you must do to earn an income. A career, on the other hand, is so much more than a job. It’s something you will probably be doing for the duration of your work life and even if you move up the ladder, the major differences would be the scope of duties and a Higher Salary. If you are tired of dead-end jobs, it’s time to find a career best suited to you.

How to Know What Is Best Suited to You

While you will often hear it said that a career is something you are passionate about, that’s only partially true. As with any ‘romance’, you may be passionate in the early years, but that passion soon levels off to a comfortable companionship. Perhaps that’s a better way of looking at it. You need to find something that interests you enough to keep at it for years to come. Jobs quickly grow old, but careers are for a lifetime. In other words, a career is a job, but a job isn’t necessarily a career.

Your Personal Qualifications Matter

Above and beyond formal training and education, your personal qualifications matter when choosing a career. You may have a love of science, for example, but if you are not inquisitive, well organized, detail-oriented, and have a strong background in math, this might not be the career for you. Perhaps science only piques your interest, so a career in the field of science may not be your calling.

Perhaps you’d be better suited to marketing because you can build campaigns and strategies around those facets of science which interest you personally. You’d then be in a loosely related field without all the discipline it takes to be a scientist. You could market the latest advances and breakthroughs with a passion.

Do You Know Yourself – Really Know Yourself?

This leads us to the question of whether or not you truly know what kind of person you are. Do you really know what your strong suits are and where you have weaknesses? Before even thinking about investigating the types of careers you’d like to pursue, you need to know more about yourself. What do you bring to the job/career with you? Are you an introvert or extrovert? Can you work well in a team or are you better able to get tasks done when flying solo?

Perhaps you should start there. There isa number of personality tests you can take online, after which you can begin looking at qualifications for each career that interests you. Learn whether you simply want a career that’s comfortable or are you looking to broaden your horizons over time. Research the training you need to meet the needs of the careers you are interested in, and if not, is this something you would be willing to invest in? Finding the right career for you may be one of the toughest decisions you’ll ever need to make in life. But, find the right career and you’ll have many satisfying years ahead.