North West premier will not withdraw defamation case lodged against business forum


The news circles in Johannesburg are going abuzz with the Supra Mahumapelo, the North West Premier, having dismissed the reports that said that he had withdrawn the defamation case lodged against the North West Business Forum.

Brian Setswambung, the spokesman of Supra Mahumapelo said, “The crux of the entire matter is that this case has been taken off from the urgent rolls and the respondents, who had agreed to the removal, were taken into consultation. The case will continue to sit, albeit not on urgent basis”. This statement was issued on Wednesday.

Mahumapelo had filed an application in the first week of this month to disable members of the North West Business Forum from making any more defamatory statements to malign his name. Here, it deserves mention that the forum had put on ground a campaign in 2015 for getting Mahumapelo removed from the office. One of the highlights of the campaign was song that had attracted a lot of attention with regards to his defamation.

On Tuesday, Skhalo Mogodiri had informed News24 that publishes news South Africa in real time, about how disappointed they were with regards to Mahumapelo’s decision of withdrawing his application in lieu of an interdict against it. The matter was scheduled to gain a hearing in the High Court, Pretoria on this Tuesday morning.

As per Setswambung, it was in the last week of January 2017 when Mahumapelo’s lawyers had decided to serve forum members Fana Moraka, Mogodiri, Oupa Mphomane and Themba Gwabeni with papers that demanded that they immediately stop all attacks on the reputation of Mahumapelo. A written apology was also demanded, failing which the forum members would have to face litigation.

Mahumapelo had initiated his legal proceedings once the Forum had allowed its endorsements on two different songs that had words that said that he was corrupt. These songs were followed up by sustained campaigning on various media platforms, wherein similar and new allegations were known to come to the fore; thus maligning his name even further.

In the papers filed by the Forum, the group members had mentioned that they did not mean to defame Mahumapelo in any way; neither did they intend to commit any violence or influence others to do so.

Given the situation on hand, it’s yet to be seen if Mahumapelo will escalate his decision in the near future. The reactions of the Form members are also awaited.