NOKU: Connecting crypto economy to real life


To go into detail about how NOKU can help connecting crypto economy to the real life you will have to go through the real concepts of what a cryptocurrency is. Cryptocurrency is just like a digital masses and you can compare it to the normal currencies we see every day. The benefit of cryptocurrency is that it can also be used as an investment. Basically, it was not meant to be used as an investment but since then allow of cryptocurrency increases day by day so people use it this way. But using this currency as an investment can be a bit risky because you never know if your system gets hacked or you also can’t be so sure about the rules and regulations bout this currency so this is the part of the investment world that most people don’t want themselves to get involved in. If you have ever heard of all this cryptocurrency thing before you must also have heard about the NOKU. If you ever want to buy something from the digital world and you ever find yourself looking for the cryptocurrency then NOKU is the best choice for you. NOKU is the best way that helps to connect crypto economy to real life.


What is NOKU are basically the tokens that allow you to buy the cryptocurrency and this is why NOKU is known to be the reason for connecting crypto economy to real life. With the help of NOKU, you can buy anything online or can make all types of the deals on the digital world. There are different mafias that are involved fraud of this currency so you can only trust few of the names when it comes to the cryptocurrency and one of those names is the NOKU that allows connecting crypto economy to real life and when some part of the digital life is connected to the real life we can avoid fraud cases and can save yourself from a whole lot of trouble. Another benefit of NOKU tokens for the cryptocurrency that you don’t have to pay any additional fee during the transactions.

NOKU Tokens and why they are the best

There are three types of the NOKU tokens as listed below

  • NKE is a NOKU token that is equal to 1 Euro
  • NKC is a NOKU token that is equal to the Swiss Franc
  • NKG is a NOKU token that is equal to 1gram of the pure Gold.

So these were the type of NOKU tokens that you can use for the use of Cryptocurrency. The NOKU tokens can be used for various purposes like you can use it as savings and you can also make payments with the help of these tokens moreover you can also use them for the trading purposes.

NOKU wallets

NOKU wallets are just like the real-life wallets that you use every day and my you can have access to your NOKU wallet that will be containing all of your NOKU tokens. You can also sell or buy NOKU tokens here and you can set the private key that will allow only you to have access to your wallet. To buy NOKU tokens you have to sign up on their website. This is why NOKU is said to be connecting the crypto economy to the real world.