MIB 700 Employs MT5 – The Multi-functional and Advanced Trading Platform


Worldwide traders make use of trading platform with easy trade options and unique features. Trading platform is an interface between the broker and trader. Many trading platforms are available, but choosing the right one will depend on the trading strategy you apply. However, MIB 700 is a trading company, which allows traders to work efficiently.

Helpful features MIB trading company provides

  • Licensed provider offering trading solution of variety of assets like Forex, shares, commodities, and indices.
  • Uses Meta Trader5 trading platform, which is multi-functional, advanced, and comfortable.
  • Regularly displays correct cost details, which is essential because a tiny lag in displaying prices can cause losses and re-quotes.
  • Minimal platform downtime allows for smooth and seamless trading experience
  • Auto-refreshing charts allow traders to analyze industrial data on different timeframes like hourly, daily, weekly, etc.
  • Incorporates popular preset technical indicators for traders to employ.
  • Technical tools include 38 technical indicators, 39 graphical objects, and 21 frames.
  • It has a live news write service that helps traders to profit from real-time economic events.
  • Encrypts trading time & date as well as IP address, for total security.
  • Allows 2 market orders, 6 pending orders, and 2 stop orders
  • Three versions are available – desktop, mobile, and web terminal

MIB desktop version

MIB 700 desktop version has been engineered to provide traders with safe, reliable, and advanced features as well as tools for better trade analysis. It has ‘Market watch window’ from where traders select suitable items. Traders can make use of beneficial options like one-click trading, quick access to marked data, and quick monitoring.

As MIB makes use of MT5, traders get to apply different strategies at real-time market price as well as supports pending orders.  ‘Exposure’ tab shows traders current account status and ‘History’ tab displays full information about past trade activities and analysis reports.

MT5 mobile app version

Android and iOS users can download MT5 mobile app and view –

  • Time line
  • Charts
  • Quote prices
  • His/her assets for high and lows
  • History

Mobile app allows traders to trade currencies in a volatile market with confidence.

MT5 Web terminal version

It is the latest version, which enables traders to easily access their online account from anywhere without downloading the software. Moreover, it works on any OS including Windows, Linux, and MAC. A speedy internet connection and traders can swiftly response to volatile market changes. Thus, enjoy trading activities without any issues.

Account categories MIB700 offers –

  1. Premium account
  2. Gold account
  3. Standard account
  4. Free demo account

Bottom line

If you plan to participate in trading then you could register today with MIB 700 and open your trading account. It is a popular online Forex broker platform to their clients. You can check their reviews. They have established their company footprints on the internet, since 2014.