Medical benefits modern businesses can offer

two business men a business woman and a doctor working and talking in modern office

When your company is looking for new employees, one of the biggest recruitment tools at your disposal is the benefits you offer. Benefits, such as a generous 401K plan, extended parental leave, or reimbursing continuing education, can offset a lower salary. More importantly, benefits that respond to your employees’ needs may be the difference between retaining staff and high staff turnover.

More and more employees today are expecting medical benefits that go beyond the normal health insurance policy. You can recruit and retain employees by being in front of benefit trends. Here are some of the medical benefits modern businesses can offer:

Health insurance has become a multi-faceted tool for meeting employees’ needs. You do not have to buy one plan and make everyone fit into it. Today’s plans offer flexibility and options, such as online enrollment and plan changes. You can offer your employees the opportunity to self-insure, or to buy their insurance with a defined contribution from you. Aside from offering insurance, you can go beyond and offer to cover non-traditional services by professionals such as doulas, aroma therapists or acupuncturists.

Many companies offer in-house daycare as a benefit for employees, but there is a menu of in-house health options that your staff will love. You can have on-site medical personnel, including doctors, nurses and chiropractors. Massage therapists and mental health professionals are also great resources that can address physical and emotional issues.

The company gym has been around for a while, but if it’s beyond your means, consider a reimbursement program for employees working out. You can dedicate a meeting space for group exercise or nutrition classes. For those fighting the battle of the bulge, make sure healthy foods are on offer in the cafeteria and vending machines, and at meetings and company parties.

Eye strain can be a big problem for employees who look at computer screens all day. Over time, this strain can cause vision loss. Offering employees the opportunity to correct their vision with laser eye surgery is a great benefit. You can do this by partnering with a provider. If you live in New York, you can find a Lasik provider on Long Island, and because of your partnership, employees will be able to bypass the process of finding a reputable surgeon.

There are some other medical benefits you can offer that will increase employee satisfaction. In addition to paying for sick days, offer employees days to simply go out and have fun. You can plan a company activity such as a river cruise, or allow employees to pick their own ‘mental health’ days. Walking or cycling desks are a great combination with the old-school ergonomic keyboard to keep workspaces injury free.

Having a culture of wellness in your company will increase employee happiness, health and retention. Whatever benefits you decide to offer, remember that the needs of your employees should guide your choices. You can involve them in the process of designing and offering excellent medical benefits, and reap the rewards of your efforts.